Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Time for an Award and...I'm on the naughty step.....

Morning folks......I got this fab award from my lovely bloggy buddies Emma and Tasha....thank you so much for thinking of are so sweet and if I have inspired you even a little bit....well I am chuffed. I am now supposed to pass this on to 5 people who inspire me.....well I am donning my party pooper hat on this one.....these awards seem to go the rounds and I'm sure that the folks that have inspired me have trophy cabinets groaning under the weight of all their awards...but I will tell you a little bit about all the lovely folk who have inspired me ....and where do I start......away back many moons ago.... I bought my first Hero Arts stamp and hadn't a clue what to do with it....until I discovered the Hero Arts website and this wonderful my opinion the Queen of All Things Crafty.....

I fell in love with her cardmaking style and the rest is history...the beginning of a wonderful love affair with stamps and papercrafting...some might say I suffer from a major addiction...well I won't argue with that.....she truly is my inspiration....she has cost me a small fortune over the years in stamps.....but what's money in the pursuit of I keep telling my long suffering hubby. And the icing on the cake was when Shari chose my little old card as the winner of her Mayflowers challenge over on the Hero Arts blog...I will die a happy lady.
Coming a very close second has to be the King of hero....I love his style too and am blown away by his imagination....creativity and boy he has inspiration coming out of every pore...and his blog is a inspiration fest....I love his tutorial videos...a masterclass with the Master himself and all free.....and as you all know I have another serious addiction....and it's entirely Tim's doing.....the fabulous Distress Ink Pads.
I recently joined this fabulous group......OK I don't have lots of time to enter all the challenges and am on a permanent guilt trip because I can't find time to visit everybody and leave comments on their fabulous work... the gals in this group are just the friendly and welcoming....full of fun....and believe me folks if you are a Hero Arts fan...this place is crammed to the rafters with inspiration.
Next on my list has to be the mega talented and oh so sweet Terrie B.....the UK's Queen of Craft.....such a lovely lady and I am always in jaw drop mode when I visit her blog to oogle her latest creations......she has her own unique style and is fabulously a big thank you Terrie for being you.
and last but not least.....all of you crafters out there.......I am always amazed as I blog hop through the crafting world at all the talent out there......inspiration just jumping out at you from every corner of the world and that's what I love about blogging.....everyone sharing their passion...creativity and inspiration in abundance....a big thank you to you all.
Well that's the good it's naughty step time.....had to make a dash to my local craft shop yesterday....stock of my 160gsm paper that I use for printing was running low and lo and behold...guess what jumped right into my basket the minute I entered the door.... good marketing ploy...having them right in your face as you come into the be honest they were desperate to come home with me....and little old softie here didn't have the heart to put them back on the shelf.......
yes my favourite....My Mind's Eye "Bloom & Grow" Papers......Stamps and Decoupage Flowers......I have been eyeing these beauties up on the Internet but so far have managed to resist temptation.....but the small amount of willpower I possess when it comes to crafty shopping just went right out of the window when I was confronted with them face to face. Love the 6 x 6 papers.....nicely scaled down versions of the bigger patterns....perfect for cards......the stamps come in their own neat wallet and a whole book of die cut decoupage flowers and they are just delicious.
I have just been on earth am I supposed to put all this fabulous inspiration to good use if I don't have materials to work I need these papers and I need these stamps.......well that's about the lamest excuse I've come up with yet to justify this lovely addiction.........catch up with you all later.....Hugs Kath xcxxxxx
P.S. Edited to add.......who know what....the sun is shining and I have on my happy more party I have decided to pass this award on to the folks concerned.


  1. What shop do you go to and do they have an webshop? I seriously love these paper pads and My Mind''s Eye and I haven't seen them before.

  2. when I first started to read you blog this morning, I thought it sounds like a retirement speech, what our own dear Kath retireing from card making never! and as I scrolled down I thought good on you girl!
    If I had a local shop like yours I would be on the naughty step 24/7.which is perhaps just as well I haven't but I'm still envious. I know what you mean about seeing them for real. They look like great papers.

    It's raining here today we were supposed to be haveing a neighbourhood BBQ but it's been cancelled.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

    Hugs Carol x

  3. oooooo is that the papeterie that has the MME stuff?
    have a great day Kath - and hope the sun bides oot today

  4. Not surprised you couldn't resist that purchase Kath, they look delish. Can't wait to see what you create with them. :)xx

  5. Congrats on your award Kath, much deserved, also the essential crafty buys are much deserved also........LOL, well if we did not have new crafty goodies, we could not work....LOL, and yes the sun is shinning a teensy wee bit here in Edinburgh also..YIPEE, I can leave the wellies off today..Hugs Avril xxxx

  6. Kath you just had to have those papers they obviously had your name attached to and were calling you as you passed by.I couldn't resist them either (or the Wild Asparagus) when they were in my local craft shop.
    Cass xxx

  7. Thank You to visit my blog!
    Your card is GREAT ! I love it !
    Hugs Taina

  8. `Thankyou` so much My Lovely you are too kind to me!!!!!!
    I will get it on my blog with much Pride:)xxx
    Those goodies look delicious It would of been rude not to buy them ...hah ha ....
    I wish we had a craft shop like that!!!
    Thankyou` once again KAath much love♥♥♥


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