Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guess Who.......

Hi Everybody....yes it's me....your favourite doggy birthday card challenge is now CLOSED and hey you knocked my socks off with all the yummy cards you made me for my birthday......BIG THANK YOU's and I wish that I could send you all a load of stash but I think that would be pushing my luck just a little bit too far considering I am already in big trouble....had a little dig in a muddy hole this morning...let me tell you she wasn't best better not chance my luck.   I have had a good sniff around in the cubbyhole and found some yummy stuff so all I need to do now is choose a WINNER and it's not going to be easy but will be back tomorrow with my big woofing announcement and hopefully a piccie....if I can persuade "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED" to get the camera out.
And talk of the devil.... what has HER NIBS been doing over the weekend.....well hogging the computer big time......decided to have a bit of a blog makeover and that turned out to be a bit of a disaster.....well there were lots of bad words and big sighs coming from the office....but at least I got a mention....not quite my name up there in lights...and a little bit miffed about the hooligan reference....what a cheek....ME...a hooligan...NEVER.   Then she plunked herself on the sofa to watch a silly game called TENNIS...what a waste of time that is......batting a ball back and forth for hours and and not one of them managed to catch it in their mouths......need to give them a few tips on that one and all that grunting and the click clack of the ball......seriously how's a boy meant to get any shut eye with that racket (forgive the pun) going on.    And she tells me there is more of the same's the guys today and she seems to be mega excited so there will be lots of "YESSS's".....and NOOOO's" going on.....honestly can't a dog get some peace and quiet around here.     There seems to be a frenzy of crafty stuff going on at the mo......probably doing a card for some challenge thingy so we will be catching up with you all tomorrow.
P.S. I've just been informed by HER NIBS that it's rude to type in's the same as shouting.....well you are all a long way I need to shout.....don't you think.


  1. Happy birthday and tennis aint that bad....uhhh i mean the bal is lots of fun.Enjoy your DAY.
    bye bye Misty&Lean

  2. Tell your mummy that muddy hole scrabbling is a birthday treat and I'm with you I don't do tennis so put your paws over your ears and get a bit of birthday shuteye.



  3. I'm with you on the tennis Buddy, and would advise a crafty move into the bedroom and have a relaxing nap on the bed, she'll never notice, when you hear a BIG shout, you'll know it's time to get up

  4. Hiya Buddilicious!!!
    how you doing? Now I know muddy holes are the bees knees but I can imagine mum wasn't too happy - but hey one look from those big brown peepers and you know you have her wrapped round your paws!!!

    go find a cool spot and have a loooonng nap while the tennis is on...

    Furry Hugs

  5. Happy Birthday Buddy, sorry it's so late in the day but it's been a busy one here. Tell Mummy that you are allowed to pay in mud on your birthday! :-) Have fun. Hugs Anesha

  6. Hi Buddy Molly here...hope you had a great birthday! I wanted mum to make you a card but there has been all this decorating malarkey going on all week so the craft room has been out of bounds til its done. I did smell some of the paint...not to my taste, give me a choc drop anytime! I did manage to get some gloss on my tum, cor you should have heard the comotion...I ended up having to have a bit of fur cut off to get it out!! lol Digging in the garden...what fun that is...I have tried it a few times but I always end up in the bath afterwards...whats all that about!! I tried to sleep through the tennis...gave up and went and sleep on mums bed...she has these fab cushions, I spread myself out and I am out like a light!! Anyway looks like I am going to get a walk at last...should have gone before the tennis!! Have fun choosing the prizes...and watch that parcel tape when you are wrapping it up, dont get it stuck on your fur....been there done that..heehee. Mum Jackie sends you a big hugXX