Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Morning folks......I won't keep you is suspense any longer.....yes it's true the cubbyhole is relocating to the dining room...and it was hubby's idea...makes sense really...we never use it and it would give me lots more space and it gets lots of light....OK I can see the logic behind it but I am still a bit betwixt and between...I love my little cubbyhole....have become quite attached and I can watch my little birdie friends just outside while I craft little haven of peace and tranquility where I can shut out the world and play.
But the downside is the dining room has to be cleared first and boy oh boy you wouldn't believe the stuff I have collected over the years....the why on earth did I ever buy that stuff feeling.....all the souvenirs from holidays....bags and bags of material scraps....wool....LP's from the year name it I've got it.   Made a start yesterday and was I ruthless...a real declutter session....lots of bags taken to the skip...but I now have loads of stuff to take to the Car Boot Sale and the proceeds...if there are any.....that is if anybody wants to buy my old tat.....will be going to the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.
I received an e-mail from Michele asking me to help spread the word about the Craft Against Cancer raffle she is organizing on behalf of the Royal Marsden Cancer HERE to find out more.....
The cure rate for childhood cancers is only 75% but wouldn’t it be brilliant if it was 100%?... so come on all you crafters out there....let's spread the word and do anything we can to help the Royal Marsden achieve their goal.
Once the clear out is will be on to the decorating and then hubby can begin building me some units and then.....oh dear....the bit I am absolutely dreading the moving of all the crafty stash...maybe need to have a major declutter in that department too.....but will keep you posted on how it is all coming along or not as the case may be.
And I must apologise if I haven't visited you recently....although my computer seems to be working OK again....and that is the strangest went from being on its last legs to young and sprightly again....maybe it heard me saying it was ready for the bin...but just when I think I am back in the swing.....what is all this "Internet Explorer cannot open this website.....operation aborted" nonsense or when I try to leave a comment....."could not be processed....try again"....I just gave up last night and went off to bed early with a good book.   I've definitely learned my lesson after losing all my contacts' addresses and telephone's pen and paper for me from now....I knew that M&S address book I got a few Christmases ago would come in handy and this sums it up.....

Well time for our morning's a gorgeous morning after a rather stormy and wet night.....then back to do a bit more clearing out.....maybe next week the decorating can begin.....yes I will be donning my painting and decorating hat once more and "The Budster" has just given out a big sigh.....yes no doubt he will be splattered in paint.....but not half as much as his Mum.....will be back later with a challenge card......Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Good luck with all the removals. Sounds like a lot if hard work but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!! Me, i'm a dining room gal too !Judyxx

  2. The 'operation aborted' is apparently an IE8 problem [not Blogger for a change!] and if you press backspace it usually opens the second time [though a few blogs you need to press back 2 or 3 times]...a right pain at the moment....and if you press the 'post comment' a second time that should work as well. Oh the joys of technology!!! Good luck with 'the move'.

  3. Good Luck with the new crafty room.
    Really annoying the the Internet Explorer. Hubby tried to fixed it but to no avail. You and I have to learn to be cool.
    Happy decorating. Is Budster helping.
    Kathleen x

  4. AWWWWW! This photo is the cutest!
    I'm pretty jealous of your new craft room (maybe not the clearing out bit!) Can't wait to see it!
    I keep getting the Operation Aborted message - v.annoying!
    Beth xx

  5. lol I dont envy you with the de - cluttering and moving things about, although id be happy to take any extra craft bits you cant fit in your dining room :P lol Happy Crafting! xxx

  6. Well hello there stranger... yes I've managed to make it back to the land of the living & just had a wonderful half hour catching up on all your creations.

    You're a brave woman making that big move into the dining room, but hey... at least the kettle will be a little closer. Lol...

    Keep smiling honey & don't let Mr Blogger or I.E get you down.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  7. I love a good declutter - you find allsorts of "interesting" things!
    Interesting re Royal Marsden Craft for cancer - me and him indoors were just debating last night what to do with all my cards - now I know!
    Thanks for the info on that.
    Keep well

  8. good luck Kath- I know what you are going through seeing as I have had a major reshuffle too but the painting still beckons but it can beckon away for now!
    Had a nice little titter at that photo it is classic
    Oh and don't get me started on Mr Blogger and his buddy Mr Exoplorer

  9. Wow you lucky thing all that extra space for more crafting goodies. As for Internet Explorer ditch it and use Mozilla Firefox. I have known loads of people have problems with IE totally trashing their pc in some cases. I have no problems with Mr blogger when using Firefox.

  10. Dear Kath Good luck with the decorating.Love Tuesdays card. I also got those PP letters and I've been experimenting in Publisher but not got down and made a card yet.Every time I declutter etc I just buy more stash and create another mess!! Oh dear Hugs BettyXXX

  11. Good luck on the move into the living room and good luck on gutting the clutter. Ugh.

    Well, if there wasn't a problem along the way, the postman ought to be bringing Budster something from me any day now. I mailed out last Wednesday a small parcel so I hope it shows up soon. A late birthday present.

  12. My guess was correct then :) Lots more space has to be a can buy even more stash to fill it!!
    Love, love, love the cat picture.... i use Firefox, it's always been alright for me

    Carol x

  13. Oooh so the big move is on then!!
    You'll love it once you are there - it's a great room for crafting but you will miss your birdies!
    Now Operation Aborted is a fix they cannot seem to fix - it has been going on for bloomin' weeks now and still nothing done yet - Grrr!!
    The "cannot leave comments" seems to be on those blogs with the comment box embedded below the post that is why I changed mine back to the old window stylie!! All a bit of a pain,,, one of these days Blogger is ging to self destruct - it just can't seem to cope with all the traffic and bugs they keep getting ...


  14. Kath I am having the same problem too! so if you come up with any solutions that work let me know!

    I have just uploaded firefox and I am able to view blogs no problem now. but it does have the bad side that everything ins on IE like my Norton (it's not compatable with FF so who knows what may happen I can't believe you have had your holiday already (or are we on auto?) =)

    Hope you had a lovely time and look fwd to looking at all your lovely work

    Love Dawn xx


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