Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun In The Cubbyhole

Morning folks....did I have a fun morning yesterday in the cubbyhole with my lovely crafty buddies Anne and Debbi....much as I love what I do it can get a bit lonely with no-one to chat to apart from The Furry Boy and he is usually fast asleep in the corner and when he's not...well let's just say the conversation is a bit one sided. I love chums popping in for a coffee and a blether....especially a crafty blether and two in one day I feel totally spoiled. Sadly it was just a flying visit from Debbi as she had to dash off and pick up her youngest from Nursery but Anne and I had great fun playing with some of my new Timmie Alterations trying out different materials and a brand new Sizzix snowflake die which looks gorgeous cut out of white felt and the beautiful gossamer thin hand made paper that Anne so kindly gave me.   Why does time pass so quickly when you are having fun......we need to arrange a whole day of playing girls with a few breaks for coffee and lunch.
And the LENS CAP SAGA.....oh yes it's been located and you won't believe where I found it.   I remembered yesterday morning that just as I was about to take some pics a rather urgent call of nature beckoned and lo and behold there was the little blighter sitting quite happily on top of the downstairs toilet cistern...why hadn't I noticed it before but all's well that ends could have ended up being flushed through the sewage system and at this moment in time be bobbing around in the middle of the North Sea.
Just time for a quick sneaky peek before The Budster and I set off for our morning stroll and after a glorious day yesterday it's not looking so good this morning....another rainy day forecast.

Catch up with you all tomorrow for another fun challenge and great prizes at  Penny Black Saturday and not forgetting the important countdown...only
sleeps until my play date with the King of All Things Inky
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath - you know I used to laugh at my mum when I was younger (much younger!!) when she used to do similar things. I now find myself constantly having to retrace my steps to remember things or standing like an idiot in the middle of the kitchen trying to remember for the life of me why I'm there! No laughing now.
    Lots of Love

  2. WOW Kath those sleeps sure are whizzing down, prob not wuick enough as you would like lol. Joey.x

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day. Glad you found your lens cap. Hope poor Buddy does not get too wet on his walk. Hugs Anesha

  4. It is a horrible day isn't it. Maddy and I got out when it was dry. Thank goodness, nothing worse than going to work and coming back to eau de wet dog!

    Love that blue in your sneaky peek. And have you forsaken your favourite snowflake. I think I spy a new one there!

    See you tomorrow.

    Kat xx

  5. Hi Kath, hope you have enjoyed your walk, glad you found the cap. I'm still looking for a cross stitch robin I bought, which I cannot remember where I put, It's only been missing 3 weeks now!

  6. Oh I wish I had some crafting buddies who lived nearby! :0(

  7. yip- wet and raining here too- winter has arrived I think
    glad you had a good day, have a good weekend

  8. Thanks for a fun time yesterday Kath and letting me play in the Cubbyhole !!!Now must have one of the new TH rosette dies - look forward to them featuring on some of your projects in the near future . Now almost twelve midnight and still have to put the Ribbon Girl Challenge together !!
    See you tomorrow for your demo at Jacqui's
    Anne xxx


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