Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saved by the weather

Morning folks....I had a sneaky feeling that this was going to be a load of old waffle kind of a day....nothing crafty to post as I desperately try to catch up with the list of things to do....but the good old British weather came to the rescue and saved you all from me waffling on about this that and the other.  And all credit to the folks from the Met Office who for once got the forecast right on the button.
But when they mentioned SNOW I just assumed it would land on the hills so what a shockeroonie yesterday morning as I sat at the computer with the first cuppa of the day and had a little peek out the my eyes were not deceiving was snowing HEAVILY and cold enough for it to lie.....oh dearie this really the start of winter.

Time to look out the Edmund Hillary and warm gloves for our chilly early morning stroll.  And I was not the only one feeling a bit surprised and confused. As my lovely visitors on Tuesday would tell you The Furry Boy loves when folks come to call and goes into doggie hyperdrive until he has made sure that everyone has been well and truly welcomed but I had him totally confused yesterday morning......a priceless moment.

As I sat all cosy and warm bang up against the toasty radiator catching up on a Timmie Technique Video with His Nibs fast asleep at my feet.....the dulcet tones of the Lord Himself echoed around the cubbyhole...."Hey bloggers...It's Tim Holtz here" at which point my snuggly meeter and greeter went into welcome mode.....shot out of the cubbyhole towards the front door tail wagging and then back again.....standing in the doorway with a priceless expression on his face....then he went into search mode....where is this visitor who is speaking to my Mum.....under the chair....behind the desk...searching and sniffing every nook and cranny before finally giving up and going back to snooze mode with a great big sigh......probably thinks he has succumbed to his Mum's totally losing the plot problem.

And news of a fabulous fabulous give-away for you all from the Craftwork Cards Blog

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Well that's it folks....I am definitely having a huge sulk because I can't enter and you know how I love my ribbons...having a stamping my feet and bottom lip hitting the floor the meantime I hope you are all snuggly and warm where you are and hang onto your galluses folks....I will be back tomorrow with the altered wall hanger which surprise surprise may just fit one of this week's is full of surprises wouldn't you agree.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath and Budster!
    SNOW in October oh noooooooooooooooo!!
    you poor things best wrap up warm for those morning strolls they are sure gonna wake you up!!
    lovely photos of the budster x
    Suzie Qx

  2. I can't believe you've had snow already! I'm sure you had enough last year to allow you this year off at least!

    Poor Buddy getting so confuzzled, not knowing if your visitors are real or virtual! He's so sweet!

    Have a WARM day,

    Carol x

  3. Hi Kath, all that lovely snow! Just keep up there eh! Its sunny and frosty here this morning.
    I'd get excited too, if i thought Timmie was in my house. have a lovely day crafting stay warm.

    Big Hugs Carolxxx

  4. Goodness, snow already! Poor Buddy, Mum needs to get a visitor today to make up for that! lol.

    Hope you both keep warm today. Hugs

  5. Morning Kath
    Love the expression on Budsters face, fabulous lol
    Thanks for the ribbon, I got them safe and sound.
    Keep warm, the snow hasn't arrived here yet but I daresay it won't be long
    Anne x

  6. I had plenty of icy stuff on my car windows yesterday and of course I wasn't out early enough to let it clear and heat up the car!! It was still darkish when I took the dog out so I hadn't noticed it earlier!

    Poor Buddy what a surprise for him when there was no visitor!

    Kat xx

  7. Hi Kath
    Blimey all that snow!!
    Its really cold here but no snow, thank goodness
    We do tend to escape it pretty much on the island.
    Poor Buddy, my Belles face is much the same when the weather stops her from being out in her beloved garden!

    Hugs mandi xx
    Licks form Belle to Buddy

  8. Hi Kath
    Had a chuckle over your mention of Edmund Hillary gear, he was of course the most famous New Zealander and I once saw him and his wife at our local shopping centre.
    Glad that Buddy provided you with lots of entertainment, that trick might not work next time tho!


  9. awwwww how gorgeous is that face - I could sit and cuddle Buddy all day!

    wrap up warm and have a great day

  10. oh my look at all that snow- really cold here but thankfully no snow yet better look out your thermals

  11. WoW would ya believe that snow IN October...phewww ...
    Budster is adorable Kath....bless him:)
    Have a cosy day :) x

  12. Morning Kath - OMG you've got snow - winter has started early for you!

    Love your little story about Buddy and the Lord Timmie's voice coming from the computer - when you've got a dog you so understand exactly what went on - did make me laugh and his face - what a picture - glad you managed to capture it! I even love the bit about the big sigh - dogs do that don't they!



  13. Oh, Kath, it's too early for winter! That said, I love the first snowfall, whenever it chooses to come - something about snow days must kick in to the old brain or something ;) It IS magical, this first one, isn't it?

    Congrats on your FabFive win over at Hero Arts! Love that card!

  14. Awwww love Buddy's expression what a cute boy! I've got to admit I just love snow - it looks so clean and lovely when it first falls. Get wrapped up and brace yourself for a loooooong Winter!

    Love Lynda xxx

  15. OMG SNOW.I must admit thought i was having a Specsavers moment lol.I looked and looked again at your pic.Brrrrr no thank you,you can keep yer pretty snow lol.Oh look at that face soooo cute,the Budster does look a bit puzzled lol.Sending gert bit cuddles to Buddy.Keep

  16. Oh Kath keep that snow over there with you. I can barely stand the cold at the minute nevr mind snow lol. What a laugh I had at poor Budster!

  17. Kath you and Buddy make my day, thanks for making wintry mornings fun!

  18. Lol, you really weren't kidding were you, bet Buddy was confused but the white stuff, must have affected his faculties when Lord Timmy sprang forth from your pc!


  19. Oh, gosh, I'm not looking forward to snow. Looks like Buddy doesn't want it either.... Your ribbon tree is cute!

  20. Good Grief Kath - Couldn't believe that photo of the snow!! Praying to God it doesn't come up my way, I have to get to work and I'm crap in the snow and refuse to drive - I foresee problems ahead!! Yikes!


    Loving the confused Budster photo!

  21. Oh my. snow already in October- EEEK! You poor thing!! Love your humor Kath and love the pic's of your sweet dog- and a big congrats on your win over at Hero Arts too!

  22. Hi Kath, Cograts on your win at Hero arts. Hope your keeping warm I hate the snow. Love the picture of Buddy. Hugs x ChrisB

  23. Love the look on your dog's face! Living in Florida he has never seen snow but I think this is what his face would look like if he did encounter it....

  24. Hi Kath.
    I check in & read your blog daily & love what you do. Thank you for the snow picture! I live as far south in the UK as you can get without ploppong into the ocean, so snow doesn't make it here as often, or for so long so it still kind of excites me at the age of 37!! Feel free to send it here!!
    Best wishes,

  25. snow in October!! I love snow and hope we get lots of it again this winter!
    I just have to say again how much i adore your doggie. I just want to cuddle him.

  26. Buddy is a sweetheart, hope the snow has gone by now! I would love to follow your blog but the gizmo thingy isn't working :(