Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning's Wednesday and time to play along with the lovely Julia and her What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday or WOYWW to all those of us who are now addicted to this wonderful phenomenon....and if you haven't already joined in the fun where have you been.
Do you get the impression I am waffling a tad here....oh yes and that's because I have absolutely nothing on my workdesk today.....the cubbyhole is deserted.....the suitcase is packed and sitting in the hall ready for the taxi to arrive...

and after lunchtime I will be speeding my way to Glasgow with Mr Scotrail doing the driving....did I happen to mention I am off to the SECC for a four day holiday....I admit there is little chance of sun sand and sangria so no need for the shades and Factor 15 but hey there are also no deadlines or schedules to worry about.....just stress free fun....great company and the best cooking or household chores either. And my travelling companions on this little trip will be my ever so cute tote and matching slippers.

the tote will be perfect to hold all the things I need for each Fiskars best friend slippers....purse just in case I feel a crafty spend coming on....a bottle of water...the essential lippy and mobile phone......everyone should have one darling....don't you think.     If YOU want one...the fabric...pattern and full instructions will be available very soon from Simply Create.
What do I have planned for my first night away from home....painting the town red...I don't think so....I was thinking of having a Room Service kind of a night relaxing and watching telly but a change of's dinner with the Set Up Team.....Severine Richard and Lorraine and it will be great to have our twice yearly catch up but that means I am going to miss this week's Apprentice fix....the best of Britain's business brains....are they having a it any wonder that Britain is in such a mess if this bunch of numpties are the folks running the country's businesses.   But it's great fun to watch and I wonder who will kicked out tonight...hope it's that motor mouth and her name escapes me with the short blonde hair and glasses...excellent at opening her mouth and letting all the hot air escape but total rubbish at everything else including working a calculator.
Well toodle oo for now....I have scheduled some posts while I am missing from bloggyland....and let's just hope that all the grovelling I have done to the ever so nice Mr Blogger pays off.  Glasgow here I come.
Hugs Kath xxx