Monday, October 4, 2010

Winner of My Goodie Give-Away

Morning all you lovely's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and I am mightily miffed to say the least.....Mum took off on Saturday to Alford again without me and just to add insult to injury a certain little upstart who shall remain nameless got to go along I bet your life I am...he is definitely far too big for his boots and needs to be taken down a peg or two but Mum will no doubt be telling you all about it when she pops on later with more cards to share.   However she did arrive home with a yummy pressie for me from two of my doggy chums...thanks guys.....loves ya.
It looks like it's going to be a busy old week in the cubbyhole once again and I had better keep my head down and out of without any more faffing's time to announce my winner.
It was so hard to all came up with fab suggestions and made me realise that my Mum can't help's a serious addiction and sounds like it's incurable so I have to be a bit more Mum really is my bestest friend and is lovely....well most of the time...and I was rather taken with this suggestion from.....
Hi Buddy I'm sorry to say your on a loser. I've not heard of a crafter that as given up spending ever. What you need to do is send Lord Timmie a doggie e- mail and ask him to send doggie treats out with every purchase of his products. You could snooze and dream of all those lovely parcels arriving. Carry on helping your Mum with the clear out the goodies are lovely. Hugs x ChrisB

and do you think if I e-mailed this Lord Timmie guy that he might consider taking this great idea on board or what about if he brought out his own doggy range of gorgeous biccys.
Christine if you e-mail Mum with your address....we will get your crafty goodie box off in the mail and hope you have lots of fun playing with it.....see you all later.