Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ribbon Girl Goodies

Morning folks and look what arrived at the cubbyhole at the end of last week.....lots and lots of yummy stuff in my Ribbon Girl DT Kit....but no time to play until yesterday morning

the weather first thing was dreary and dismal so a perfect excuse to shut myself away in the cubbyhole for a crafty day.....

and it was all going great guns with lots of ideas running around my head until just before lunchtime when surprise...surprise....the sun decided to put in an appearance and that put paid to the crafting.....decided to have a little tidy up in the garden....well we won't be seeing much more of the sun between now and Christmas so I thought I would top up on the old Vitamin D while I can.   But I will be back later with more Ribbon Girl cards....that is unless we are going to be having an October Heatwave.....I wish.
Have you noticed the new button on Draft Blogger...."Report Editor Issues"....what can I say...has Mr Blogger bitten off more than he can chew because believe me he will be inundated with reports......never a day passes but there is some problem or another....Error This That and the Other....and I just have a sneaky feeling it will all be a complete waste of time because by the time Mr Blogger gets back to you the issue will probably have sorted itself out anyway.
And at great risk of having my head bitten off....I have to say I am not overly impressed with the X Factor this time round...same old sensationalism to boost the ratings and several contestants who look like ticking time bombs ready to go off...I do have my favourites but guess who is not one of them and what I want to know is.....who in their right mind voted to keep Wagner in......could he be this year's version of Jedward....I don't think I could stand it....Wagneritis may just have me crawling under the duvet until it is all over for another year.
For all you folks that e-mailed or left comments about my fabulous tote bag.....watch this space...Anne is in the process of fine tuning the instructions and hopefully there will be kits available to purchase in the very near future...so you can too have a Tote-ally Fabulous Tote....just like me.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxx


  1. So creative! Love your card Kath.

  2. What a great card. Love the way you used the ribbon to make a Christmas tree.

  3. Wauw Kath what a great card, so creative and original. You gave me again an idea and inspiration!
    Have a nice day, Ageeth

  4. Hi Kath
    WOW love how you have used the ribbon to create the tree - fab idea!
    Have a wonderful day
    Debs xx

  5. wow! What a nice ribbon-tree)) So great idea for Christmas! Love it ))))

  6. What a creative way to make a tree! Love it and it is so colorful!

  7. loving this bow tree.. fabby idea Kath. xx

  8. Cute idea... very creative... looks fab.

  9. Wow Kath you've done it again. A fantstic card. What a lovely idea.
    Hope you and Buddy are enjoying the sunshine. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Oh what a lovely card - such a good idea for using all those bits of ribbon! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Absolutely fabulous card!! Brilliant idea!! Love it!! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  12. What a clever idea - I love the card.

  13. Really great card !! this is a great idea, thanks for sharing,

  14. wow, great Christmas card you made!Thanks for the idea!
    hugs Yvonne

  15. Gorgeous use of the ribbons Kathleen - and gardening too - you are full on! Agree about X Factor, noe the 'road crash' part of auditioning is over, I don't bother - same with Strictly - same old, same old!

  16. Love what you have done with the ribbon here Kath...you are so inspirational!!!...Kirsti xxx

  17. What a fantastic card. Love the idea of making a tree with ribbons.

    Have to agree about Mr Blogger. I added my card to the Penny Black challenge and when I checked the link it went onto some stupid survey. I'm so embarassed, I definitely linked to my blog. I'm not going to try again till tomorrow now.

    Looking forward to seeing some more ribbon cards.

    Kat xx

  18. Kath, this is just fab., love it.

  19. What a great way of using ribbon, very clever! Such a lovely card. xx

  20. wauw kath this i s sooooo beautiful!!!!
    xx petra

  21. What a beautiful tree! I love how you created it out of ribbon.

  22. Oh my, kath.. This card is fabulous!!