Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Wishes

Hi folks....back again with a special card for a special of the Hero Arts Flickr group hostesses...the lovely Jenny who is getting married today to her fiancee Jason

Tami one of the Hero Arts Flickr Group co-ordinators posted a thread recently "Classified Info" and of course the minute the word secret is girls just have to find out what it is all we all duly e-mailed Tami including Jenny....a real thinking on your feet moment....
"Hopefully we can pull this off and keep it a surprise! Jenny actually emailed me yesterday when she saw the “classified info” topic, wanting to take part in the secret mission too – uh oh! With some quick thinking on the part of another Hero Hostess, I replied and told her that we were planning a surprise for Aaron’s 20th Anniversary with Hero Arts at the end of October. So if she happens to ask anyone – that’s the “secret plan”, alright? *wink*" 
So we are all posting our cards today for the Virtual Wedding Card Shower and Jenny will be able to view them later HERE and know that we are all thinking of her today and wishing the happy couple a long and happy life together.
Change of plans this morning....decided to have a trip out to see the gorgeous grandkiddies and find out what Brodie would like for his birthday coming up soon.....well it turns out he has a list.....must take that one off his Grandma but when I turned it over....he also has his Christmas List all planned out too.....a real organised dude.   My mission for this afternoon is to get this tote-ally gorgeous tote finished off with catch up with you all tomorrow for the big reveal.
Hugs Kath xxx