Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toot toot.......

Morning folks it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness here.....things are a bit hectic in the cubbyhole at the moment and that probably explains why Mum forget to tell you all that I also got a little toot over at Jill's blog yesterday......credit where credit's due...wise lady obviously recognises real talent when she sees it and of course she is bound to have worked out that I am the brains in the cubbyhole team and definitely the better looking of the crafty duo.   Just popped on to tell you that Mum will be back later to share another of  Jill's fantabulous cards...me I am off for my morning stroll....my chase around with my doggie mates or if I'm lucky playing run rabbit run with the local bunny population and then back to have a little root around in the old stash mountain again ready for the next little give-away coming soon.

Big Hugs & Snuggles
from your favourite Furry Boy


  1. Morning kath and Buddy hope you have a good day.I am off to inspirations at Preston (Cardcraft Plus) for a mooch round and there is a lady demonstrating Hero Art stamps.

    Kathleen x

  2. Hi Buddy hope you have a lovely walk with your mummy. Have fun. Hugs Anesha

  3. Hi Buddy, Of course we all know just who is the important one, hop you have fun out there and lokk after your Mum, Can't wait to see the next card.warm wishes

  4. Hi ya Buddy
    do hope you had a lovely walk this morn, don't make to much mess in mums cubbyhole, or you will be in the doghouse!sue,x