Thursday, October 7, 2010

Humble Pie

Morning you ever open your mouth and put your foot right it in.....make a statement that you regret.....well I jumped right in with both feet and am now eating my words big time.  And the cause of my big mouth faux pas was a pair of scissors.  The scissors I use each and every day are from Fiskars...yes the ones with the bright orange handles.....I've  tried out other brands over the years but I always come back to my old faithfuls...they are just fabulous and I used them long before I became a Fiskars Demonstrator.
So I was rather put out when I read that we have to take a pair of Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors with us to our play date in February.   You will have gathered by now that I am a huge fan of the Lord of All Things Holtziness and all his fabulous products which are top quality but why would I need to invest in another pair of scissors when I have loads of fabulous scissors already and was quite vocal about the fact that they can't possibly be better than Fiskars.
And then a little pressie arrived at the cubbyhole from the lovely Jacqui at Simply Create......"my contribution for your little trip away with TH"......

how kind was that and of course I had to dive in and try them.....well I am now eating my words and a great big slice of humble pie....back pedalling like crazy and trying to dig myself out of this huge other words I was wrong and am taking back everything I said.....they are not fabulous....they are absolutely amazing....LOVE the big soft cushioned handles which make them so comfortable to hold....LOVE the razor sharp serrated blades ...LOVE the very fine tip for precision cutting.   These boys are definitely the creme de la creme and I never ever thought in the month of Sundays I would be waxing lyrical about any other fact it left me with a bit of a could I abandon my trusty Fiskars after years of faithful the new boys on the block have joined the Fiskars Scissors Family  and I hope they will all live happily together ever after.

I am having a night out tonight....abandoning the cubbyhole for some fun at Simply Create and hopefully I will be making this cute little tote.....

with a lot of help from my lovely buddy Anne at her "Totally Handy" Workshop.     Perhaps I should have mentioned to Anne that it's years since I have done any serious sewing and that the last time I attempted to run up some kitchen curtains they somehow ended up stitched to my sweater....could be an interesting night but I bet it will be lots of fun.  I think there may be one or two places left so if you want to come along.....ring the shop on 019755 64010 to book a place....starts 7.00pm....just make sure you sit as far away from me as possible or we may end up having emergency surgery with scissors to separate us.
Catch up with you all later for Day 4 of Inspired By You.....wonder what Jill has up her sleeve today.  I do believe that The Furry Boy will be back tomorrow bright and early with another little goodie give-away.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I have to say I'm a fiskars girl when it comes to scissors too, but hey what else could we expect if the wonderful TH has put his name to them.
    Have a great time tonight, give Anne a bosie from me

  2. I love my Fiskars...
    but those Timmies look tantalising there tfs:)x
    Beautiful bag,hope you have lots of fun Kath...tfs
    Enjoy the rest of your week:) x

  3. That's interesting Kath as I had the same thoughts!! Not a lot of spare cash to spend on yet another pair of scissors! Looks like I'll have to get a pair then!!! ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  4. Good morning Kath, I have 5 sizes of fiskars scissors and find them great, even though T.H ones are brill scissors, I don't think i'll buy any others. Your tote is lovely!

  5. Hi Kath,
    Still trying to lecate a pair may have to order some from my local craft shop.

    Love the tote bag, I used to do lots of sewing, now it's mainly just curtains. Though I have just started knitting a snood, not sure that if it will be finished for the winter though.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  6. That is high praise, indeed! I'd better put these on my Christmas list!

  7. You make me laugh! I'm glad that you are in love with your Lord Timmie scissors. Try not to stitch yourself to the table tonight!

  8. Oh Mrs you do make me sides hurt. I never thought I would here the day you say words against your failfull I'm intrigued about Mr TH snips but get meself a pair. Have fun at your demo. Hugs Ali x

  9. So thanks for enlightening me on these scissors....they are GREAT! I went to Hobby Lobby today and found one last pair, used my coupon on them, YEAH, went right home to try them out...LOVE THEM!!!