Monday, October 4, 2010

More cards to share

Morning folks...after a brief glimpse of the sun over the weekend here in the North East of Scotland and rain that would have had Noah looking out the Ark looks as though it's going to be a dry day but who knows....anyways I have so much to do this week that it won't matter....I will be marooned all snuggly in the cubbyhole only venturing out for our doggy strolls.
Time to share some more of my demo cards and this WAS one of my favourites....had thoughts of making it my own personal Christmas Card this year for family and friends.....but as it turns out it's back to the drawing board.    It was an absolute nightmare.....a catastrophic won't believe how many attempts it took before I ended up with this.....ranging from smudgy fingerprints on Take No 1....enamel accents smudged when I forgot they were still wet and turned the mat over to apply the old D/S tape on Take No 2 and then on the demo day.....the bauble image decided to throw his toys completely out of the fact he was so badly behaved I threatened to throw him out of the car window on the journey home.

What a wonderful surprise I got when a very special lady came along to say hello...finally I got to meet up with my lovely bloggy buddy Tina....Tina and I have known each other from way back when we first started blogging and hey it is coming up for 3 years...and it never fails to amaze me that you can have such a wonderful bloggy friend although we have never met.....believe me folks it really means a lot to me that Tina made the journey to come along on Saturday......she is such a sweetheart and presented me with this gorgeous card...

and The Furry Boy got a bag of treats 

from Tina's adorable hooligans....the gorgeous Bella Boo and Poppy Dog

It was lovely to finally meet up Tina and I look forward to seeing you at the SECC when the Fiskars Girls have a special demo lined up just for you.

But we can't forget our other special visitor....the little fat guy in the red suit pestered me to take him along to our Hero Arts Christmas Day....should have known better....his little bell tinkled all the way to Alford and he was another one who could have ended up thrown out of the window on the way there. Press the button on his hand and he sings...."We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and taps his foot in time to the music...oh yes he is uber cute but the novelty factor definitely wears off after about 20 seconds.... the bonus is he has an OFF button.

Won't tell you how long it took me to upload all these pics...Mr Blogger is in big danger of getting a slap at the moment....he is being so naughty and the magic number is now
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. So...I check out a lot of blogs, I don't often comment, just not my thing, but I love to look to see what other people are doing. Your blog not only has gorgeous cards though, you never fail to make me laugh. Your sense of humor is so refreshing. I work nights in a nursing home, and tonight was just a bad night all around, I can't think of one good thing that came of it, until I read your post today. I'm still giggling. Thanks so much.

  2. Those cards are so lovely!! You have such a talent!

    Those cute little doggies who gave buddy his treat are so cute too!! Seeing all these gorgeous labs is making me want one! Not sure my little jack russell would be that happy about it!

  3. Hi Kath, lots more super cards love them all.

    Love the santa I have a snowman like that and I know just what you mean, make sure you keep him swithed off when kids are around.

  4. Oh the cards are just so lovely! I bought those same hero arts stamps so please don't tell me they are no good! Anyway the cards don't show any disaster!

  5. Oh Kath that bauble card is fabulous - how could it have caused so much trauma!! I'm sure you'll get the better of it though!

    Love Lynda xxx

  6. Your cards are so lovely!

    Kari :-)

  7. Kath I visit your blog everyday and you never fail to come up with absolutely stunning cards.I can honestly say there as never been one that I haven't loved.
    These are simply beautiful and no-one would ever know you'd had trouble with the bauble.
    I also have a lovely chuckle everytime I visit. Have a good day Hugs x ChrisB

  8. Lovely cards and I adore the little fat guy in the red suit.

  9. Hi Kath n Buddy.WOW and double WOW.Stunning cards had to laugh,had this mental pic of you cursing the bauble stamp n abandoning it on the road somewhere,then feeling awful,returning to get it hee hee.Ooooh those cute doggies.Lucky Buddy bet he's snaffled those treats by now lol,gorgeous card Cuddle for Buddy x

  10. Oh, these are all lovely, but the first one is my fave, at least this morning! The music and stripes background are wonderful together, and I think you've sold me that mistletoe branch just on the basis of this card!

  11. they are all fantastic!
    Love the vintage look, just beautiful!


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  13. Your cards are all super especially the bauble one! The treats look super I'm sure he will adore them!

  14. Thanks for a brilliant day, even although Santa was a step too far for Mrs Bah Humbug!!! Erin thought he was great and apparently you are soooooo ccccccoooooooolllll!!!

  15. Gawd, I can think of several people I'd like to use an off button for!! How horrid am I!! LOVE the cards as usual Kath, they are very special. Glad you met Tina; blogging is so good to us, huh.

  16. I loved all your cards on Saturday Kath but Susan and I were really impressed with your clever idea of using a packet of sentiment stamps to make a card as in the last card.

    It was lovely to meet Tina and I've had a nosey round her blog yesterday. What a beautiful card she made for you.

    I know what you mean about Mr B. I spent ages trying to upload the last pics of my DT makes to Simply Creators. Gave up in the end but managed to get them on my own blog so went back and he worked fine! Grrrr.

    Kat xx