Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hi's decision time...starting off with which adventurous pastime we're going to embark on today with the's all down to our ever changeable weather...crikey it's definitely been in can't make up it's mind mode...the silly to venture out without a rain jacket kind of weather and the Met Office aren't much help either so perhaps we'll just wait and see what the sky looks like when we peel back the bedroom curtains.
The Retreat Kits are done and dusted but not without a bit of drama I have to know me it wouldn't be half as much fun without DRAMA in some shape or form.
I came upon these glass tiles whilst having a clear out a few weeks ago...bought for a "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" workshop and never used....boxes and boxes off them and I was overcome by one of those lightbulb moments...perfect for one of The Retreat Projects BUT and there's always a BUT...with 25 tiles in a would have thought it would be sufficient to put one label on the box...OH NO...each tile had it's own very sticky label and you know where I'm going with this...each little blighter was an absolute devil to remove. Thank the Lord for Sticky Stuff Remover is all I can say and after being buffed to sparkly squeaky clean perfection...a sneaky peek of what caused all the consternation...
But I've gone way off tangent as usual...I have even more important decisions to make...after working my socks off last week...surprise...surprise...I'm way ahead of the game...up to date with all the work stuff and that means as of bright and early Monday morning I'm going to be in play mode BUT where to I kick off with the untouched August Card Kit from Simons Says Stamp...
before the September Kit pops through the letterbox in a few days time or do I go for a day of happy die-cutting with some gorgeous newbies from Tim Holtz or have fun stamping and die-cutting with gorgeous Christmas goodies from my lovely buddy Paula...
or will it be the pile of Penny Blacks waiting to be inked...which reminds me there's also a pile of ironing which needs attention...a mirror that needs sanding down and waxed not to mention this month's tag for "12 Tags of 2013"...crikey I need a week or two to play and no doubt me being me I'll need the next few days to come to a decision...oh to be decisive instead of my usual faffing around "can't make up my mind" scenario...there will be much pondering and many many cuppas and as sure as night follows day I'll probably end up going off on a completely different weird and wonderful tangent but one thing's certain...I'll see you all tomorrow to share some Fiskars Fuse makes.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever the weather
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Interesting Kath, can't wait to see what you are going to use those for! Have a fun day with the grands hugs Karen

  2. Have a fab day with your grandsons Kath! Can't wait to see the finished project with the tiles and have a wonderful play day tomorrow you certainly have earned it!! Susan x

  3. Your glass tile project looking looks very interesting Kath. Do you make a plan of what to do....I wouldn't know where to start with all those crafty goodies. Have fun it's so wet again today x

  4. Hi Kath, oh what decisions! I think I would put names in a hat and draw them out one by one - either that or go with your heart..... see, I am not much help.... but whatever you decide I am sure it will be a gorgeous creation. Love the sneak peek of the tiles, look forward to the full reveal. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Hi Kath, Have a fun day with the Grandies...I can't wait to see what you create with the glass tiles....Hugs May x x x

  6. Weather not good here either. Just got my fruit cage installed on my allotment (little victory dance) but can't get up there because of the rain! I have four silk dresses waiting to be cut out and sewn for a string quartet playing in our autumn production of Pride and Prejudice so it looks like my decision is taken. Hope you have fun what ever you end up doing. X

  7. Choices, choices Kath.... whatever you choose will be interesting even without the joy of the grandchildren. Looking forward to eventually seeing what transpires with the glass tiles.
    Enjoy your day.
    Heather W

  8. Whaatever you decide Kath have fun!

  9. Lovely parcels! I hope you have fun!

  10. Hi Kath, hope the weather played nice and that you've managed to have a lovely day with the kiddies. Hugs x ChrisB

  11. It all looks so much fun to play with, so just pick the ones you feel like the most and have some fun! Enjoy!


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