Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mirror...Mirror On The Wall...

HI Folks...Phase 1 of the house make-over is almost done...the bookcase has been Annie Sloan'ed...sanded back and I'm just waiting for the shelves to dry before giving the whole thing a coat of soft wax and a final polish before filling it with books again...
did I happen to mention I'm a bit of a book collector too...crikey I could start my own library and although I have a Kindle App on my tablet...there's nothing quite like holding a real book and turning the page with trepidation on a cold dark windy winter's night to discover who dunnit it.
I've been well and truly bitten by the upcycling bug...just when I thought it was all done and dusted I found this old pine mirror in the garage and yes you've guessed...once it's had the Annie Sloan will be hanging above the new book receptacle.
and da...da...that should be mission accomplished in the make-over department as long as I keep well away from the temptation of any more rummaging in the garage and focus on the day job....the kitting marathon for the Autumn Retreat at The Papeterie should keep me busy for a while...I've started on Project 1...
but with another 4 to looks like I'm back in the cubbyhole with a vengeance creating lots of messy havoc...

and Mr Dyson is not going to be too happy with the little bits of thick chipboard...probably doing his usual picking them up and spitting them out again...someone is going to have to get down on their hands and knees and put each and every little blighter in the bin and no prizes for guessing who that will be.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Your craft room is getting to look a lot like mine - not quite messy enough yet. What a pity we can't train our dogs to pick up the bits and spit them into the bin! X

  2. You are a master of multi-tasking!!

  3. ...oooooh Kath fabby looking makeovers on the bookcase and mirror, I love the shabby chic distressed look too and your books will stand proud in their Annie Sloan cubbyhole, good luck on the prepping front...Mel:)xx

  4. You really are a glutton for punishment Kath - but - that mirror is going to looks a fabulous as the bookcase when it is finished - wow! Hope you get all your kitting done and get some time to craft. Hugs, Anne x

  5. woohoo glad to see that your carpet looks like mine!!! Lol xx

  6. Morning Kath..... You just love to create mayhem don't you... your multitasking makes me gasp - but the end results are fantastic and you always end up with a very neat craft-room (unlike mine!!). Enjoy.
    Heather W

  7. Maybe if you give Buddy some treats he will lend a paw. LOL

  8. How fabulous your bookcase looks Kath. See you soon. Hugs Rita xxx

  9. Loving your makeovers Kath. Just shows if you keep a thing long enough.....!

    So it's not just me that gets in a guddle when I'm crafting! I'm usually quite good about binning rubbish but sometimes Max takes a notion to empty my bin everywhere to see what he can find.

    Kat xx

  10. Love the look of the bookcase & mirror.... Your craft room looks like mine then... Hugs May x x x

  11. My husband said that my craft space might be a fire hazard while I'm working...and he might be right!!!!! I agree with your comment that there is nothing like holding a real book while reading! Everything you've re-created looks fabulous! Great job!!!

  12. If I ever visited your house I would have to remind myself not to stand still in one place for any length of time as I might end up being Annie Sloaned! As for the mess on the floor - knit Buddy some socks, stick double sided tape on the soles and let him run amok through the debris et Voila!


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