Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Born under a Gooseberry Bush !!!!

Morning folks....let me start by asking you a question...."Do I look like I was born under a Gooseberry Bush"? maybe it's better if you don't answer that one but I had to smile this morning when I opened my Inbox....and I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets these stupid e-mails......

1.   You have won 10 million dollars ....in some fabulous US lottery type thing........all I have to do is send them my bank account details and they will have my winnings deposited with two shakes of a coo's tail.......yeah right...join the queue....I have already won billions.... all sitting in the mystery accounts I hold with every bank and building society on the planet....all deactivated until I resubmit my security details.
2.  Instant Face Lift......you are looking old.......well how rude....you don't even know me you cheeky blighter ..I know I am old...I know I probably look old and yes I would probably benefit from an instant face lift....well you certainly know how to cheer a girl up and not exactly the best marketing statement in the world....so thanks but no thanks.
3.  And the best one of all.......Hot Singles Available in your Area.....hot single what... I am thinking...intrigued by this one....so read a little more.....hey there may be life in the old girl yet....apparently there are hundreds of hot single men in my area just waiting for me to give them a call....well make up your mind....one minute I am looking old and need a facelift and the next...I'm hot stuff.....gimme a break...I'm confused enough as it is.....but I have a big problem......now that I am a millionairess....and can afford the Instant Facelift....do they want me for my money or my body.....sadly I will never know because if was DELETE...DELETE...DELETE....  Now you probably think I am waffling because I have nothing to share today.....I have..in fact...redone my Allsorts Challenge card just haven't got a pic yet.....a rather impatient four legged gentleman is pushing at my elbow as I type....I think he wants to go for a stroll....so catch up with you all when we get back......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Joy said...

Haha!!!! I needed a good chuckle this morning. Thanks so much. Enjoy your stroll.

Cass said...

LOL Kath.Had a good giggle at those.I get loads of those junk emails too.I think the one that has me wondering the most just now is the advert to send off your unwanted gold jewellry in an envelope.They weigh it and send you what it's worth in cash.Helloooooo......like I'm gonna send my jewellry off just like that.....I don't think soooo.
Cass xxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Lol Kath

I am a millionairess too and I am 'kind warm and honest' enough to be entrusted with $50'000'000 of some poor albanian girl who has bee left lots of money from her late father and doesnt want to keep it as it would cause lots of problems for her family lol lol lol......
so Its vegas all the way and a few martha stewart punches thrown in for the hell of it.....
I wish lol

have a great walk and I look forward to Allsorts take 2 lol ( although I totally adored the first one, and with a squint and the right light i could see where you were coming from with the sketch ha ha )

hugs Emma xxx

Crafty Dawn said...

well worth the read! I found it so funny the way you put them altogether and the All sorts is looking good!

Love Dawn xx

gosh I have so many but I am afraid some people have their heart strings pulled or the Greed monster showes his face and they fall for it hook line & sinker what is the most disconcerting is that the ones that fall for it can't afford it so these awful people are just that awful people preying on the weak.

Helen said...

Lol...not to mention the ones that offer to enhance a part of my anatomy that I just don't have! pmsl
Helen x

Pamela said...

You had me laughing out loud Kath!
I'm being inundated with the banking ones wanting me to update my info - another 3 this morning! I don't even bank with any of them.
Love your blog - keep up the good work.


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