Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shock Horror......

Hi Everybody.....yes shock post from me today.....well without going into too much detail....had a bit of a rough night....spent most of it talking to "hughie" Scottish mates will know who "hughie" is and for the rest of you....well I had a bit of a tummy bug....feeling much better now and have even managed to eat a delish chicken and all the trimmings Mum always said I had the constitution of a horse.
And I must say a big thank you to my Fiskars Crafty Buddy....Lorraine who has very kindly given me this award...I appreciate it very much.
and yes I am looking forward to us demo-ing together at the SECC in October....we will have a blast and do Fiskars really know what they are taking on and Dave if you are reading this....I promise to be super quiet at breakfast....but can't guarantee for the rest of the day.
And also to the lovely Jane (sorry Jane I got confused and called you I am not as daft as you think....Jane's blog is Whimsical Wendy...easy mistake to ignore all the titterers in the background...a big thank you for this little beauty and your very kind comments.
Well that's all for tonight to do a bit of blog hopping....catch up with all my bloggy buds and Penny Black lovers....back tomorrow with yes.....can you believe it....a challenge card.....Hugs Kath xxxxxx


scrapjackie said...

Kath I was getting worried, usually your daily post and my morning cuppa...but not this morning and I have been coming in from the garden and refreshing all day!! Thought your computer might have been throwing another hissy fit again. Glad you are feeling better and dont need to converse with hughie anymore..put your feet up and have a rest. See you in the to speak!!

Hugs Jackie xx

Susan said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww - I hate being sick - well thats not quiet right - my family hate me being sick - I am totally pathetic!
However, sounds like you're on the mend - get a good nights kip and give Buddy a huge cuddle!

scotspanda said...

oh no you were talking to God on the big white telephone then? oh dear, glad to hear you are ok now tho :o) Can't imagine you and Lorraine demoing together.........and I will have to miss it too as its the same weekend as my step sons wedding in inconvenient of him to set that date lol


Amanda xx

Amanda's paper palace said...

Hi Kath ooh bugs are horrible!Glad your feeling better and it didnt stop you from enjoying your dinner :0)
Got a copy of issue 62 of Simply card's today loved your PB card's i have recently bought that set and you have inspired me!
hugs amanda x

pinky said...

Glad you're feeling better now kath.

Pauline C said...

Sorry you've not been well Kath and glad you're feeling better. I had a bad tum myself on Thursday but luckily not so bad as yours .. maybe it's going about. Glad you managed to eat your dinner today :-)
pauline x

Lynne said...

Glad you are feeling better. It's hellish, isn't it? We always go to the SECC - we were just discussing today whether to buy the tickets in advance so we'll definitely drop by for a bit of inspiration.


Jules said...

Hi Kath

So glad this is all the problem was - I was wondering where you were. How nice to be missed!!!

Hey .. .. are you pregnant? You know what they say .. .. "new home - new baby" .. .. and you have a new cubbyhole home?!?!?!?!? Shock horror!! Oh I love starting scandals!!

You did well to have a chicken dinner! When I was at home with Mum if you had been "shall we say poorly" you were not allowed to eat for 24 hours - no matter how well you felt!!

I did miss my "morning fix" with your blog.

Catch you soon and so pleased you are feeling a bit better.

Love Jules xx

Carol said...

Hello lovely lady :) was wondering where you were today....sorry you've spent so much of your time in the bathroom..i know exactly what that feels like!! so i can sympathise entirely :)
And... i think your Mum was right....a chicken dinner....well done you :)
I am out to a special workshop tomorrow evening (ssshhh!) so i may be a bit late popping in...

Carol x

paula said...

Hi Kathy I hope you are feeling so much better now.

Lorraine said...

Glad to see you're normal morning posting today honey... long may it continue with good health.

AS for the SECC... well if the last time we demo'd together is anything to go by... all I can say is there better be a good supply of Tena Lady on hand... LOL....

Extra big hugs today
Lorraine xxx

Ali said...

Hope you are feeling better my fabby friend. You & Lorrainne demoing together :O God help the SECC, can't wait, will pop by and say hi.

Dawn said...

Bloomin' Hughie!!! Now HE's got a lot to answer to sometimes!!

Glad you're feeling better though..


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