Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning folks....yes it's's a gorgeous sunny morning and the DT stuff is almost done and dusted....the cubbyhole queen is in a good mood and yes there are a couple of sneaky peeks today.....

but I have a bit of a confession to make.....I have been chasing my tail as usual on my DT stuff...needed to get them done and dusted yesterday so I could get onto the next crafty project....and do you know what.....they were real quickie cards and I love both of them.....too much time to think about it and I start faffing around and end up with a maybe that's the secret....leave everything to the last minute and work right down to the wire.
I know that I have been neglecting all my lovely bloggy buds lately but hope to be able to catch up with you all over the weekend.....blimey there are never enough hours in the day and doesn't time fly when you are having sooner out of bed and before you know it's time to get back in....and after nights of burning the midnight oil....I took myself off to bed early early last night and snuggled down with my furry bundle of foot warmer gorgeousness and a good book....the cold dark wintry nights will soon be here and my idea of heaven is to have a nice hot shower...snuggle down with my book...the doggy hot water bottle at my tootsies and listen to the wind howling outside... the snow driving against the window.....and "The Budster" doing his "snore like a train" impression and then it will be sweet dreams knowing that I won't even have to venture out of the house in the morning to get to work in the cubbyhole....oh luxury.
Well enough gabbing from me it's time to take "His Nibs" for his morning stroll and what's it gonna be today....dry dog or wet dog....who knows...what's with the weather at the minute it's blue sky and sun and the next the heavens have opened....but it is definitely chillier in the mornings....that autumn feeling in the air.....catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabulous challenge over at the meantime happy crafting.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Carol said...

These look fab Kath! i do like sneaky peeks, i love wondering what the whole thing looks like :)
Feeling a little better today, although my head feels like it's not mine!!!

Carol x

Angelo said...

I love the way you write, Kath. It's a pure pleasure to read.
Looking forward to see your creations soon :)
Kristin :)

weewiccababe said...

well you're a far braver woman that I leaving it to the last minute, when I do that I produce complete drivel.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this cold now, so hopefully see you next thursday

Tatanky said...

I totally agree with you not enough hours in a day. But I'm glad you manage to create something every day I love visting your blog to see all your creations.

theneon said...

Kath -- you just amaze me! I can't possibly keep up your pace -- and I congratulate you in keeping in touch with everyone -- and that included me today -- thanks so much! I am a follower and admirer!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Kath
ooh I love your sneaky peeks and your cards look like they will be stunners
i'll be back tommorrow hunni to prove myself right

Emma xxx

Pauline C said...

The sneaky peeks are looking good! I've got something for you on my blog hun
Pauline x

Allison said...

you've been a busy bee since I last popped over and i agree nothing better than being snuggled up in bed witha furry footwarmer, a good book and the wild wild weather howling outside
Sneaky peaks lookin good


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