Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time to Hit the Road......

Morning folks and by the time you are reading this.....I hope I am well on my way to Ikea....not my favourite way of spending a Sunday but needs shopping to get some units....shelving and stuff for my new cubbyhole.....I am beginning to warm to the idea now.....hubby has worked his magic and the carpet tiles are laid....blinds and curtains are back up and yes the wall has had 3 coats and is looking lush....I do love this is so rich and warm and will probably keep us feeling toasty on cold snowy days.....I think I am going to likey this new cubbyhole......and "The Budster" is already eyeing up this corner for his snoozing area.
And this silly old mare is a bit overcome and full of emulsion....received this award from one of the nicest gals on the ex Funky Hand teamie...Chris and I was so sad when she left the team but sometimes life gets in the way of crafting and due to pressure of work she left our lovely little band of happy but albeit slightly mad crafters and we miss her zany sense of humour and the way that she supported us all through the good and the not so good times....thank you lovely lady for the award and for your friendship which I treasure.
In time honoured fashion I am supposed to pass this on to 5 people who inspire me.....well I have already done a similar award on the inspiration thing and this time.....I would like to pass this on to all the lovely friends I have made since I started I know that I haven't met you all by any means.....but the ones that I have had the pleasure of meeting well that was great fun and they were just the sweetest folks....and I am hoping to meet up with lots all you lovely bloggy buds out there....please grab this award...display it on your blog with pride because you really are just the best circle of friends a girl could wish and I love you all.
Edited to add....I have also received this award from the lovely Dawn I have been an admirer of Dawn's work since I started blogging and we were teamies together at Tag You're It.....and would you believe we had never met although Dawn also lives in the North East of Scotland.....well recently we put that to rights and hey I was left thinking what took us so long....we got like a house on fire and I can't wait until we meet up lovely lovely friend.
Probably won't have any cards to share tomorrow.....and may be missing in action for a few days......need to get all the units put together and then all my crafty stuff moved.....I am not looking forward to that bit....but pop on over anyways....I will probably be screwdriver in hand and wrestling with my flat pack units and then into removal man mode but would love you to keep me company.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow Kath, that wall really looks luscious and they do say that red gets the creative juices going and also keeps one awake, so there will be no sleeping on crafting in this cubby hole. Can't wait to see your new units. Have fun.
Have a great Sunday

Avril Ann said...

Oh Kath lucky you, I love Ikea, it is my corner shop here in Edinburgh and I have kitted out my shed with shelves from said place. I hope you are not in Edinburgh, as I could have met you for a coffee...LOL. Can't wait to see your finished "cubby hole" love the colour you have used. Congratulations on your award much deserved my friend. Hugs Avril xx

Eveline said...

Don't laugh, but I love IKEA too, my whole scraproom is IKEA, I like going there, it's only 10 minutes away from where I live. I even like to put everything together myself. And I love the prices, you save a lot of money going there and then you can spend the saved money on craft goodies. Have fun decorating your new room.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Full of emulsion? That'll be the three coats of Redcurrant Glory!! lol ;o) Thank you for the sweet words. (blush)

Fab colour, and it's fun watching it all come together. Love to see other's craft spaces, so looking forward to seeing what you bring back from Ikea! :o)

Have a lovely day!

Chris xx

Ali said...

Have a safe journey can't wait to see the finished result Kath I agree that wall looks lush, scrummy colour.

Carol said...

Hope you find exactly what you want for your new space, I've never been to Ikea....the kids go there all the time and say 'you'd love it Mum'....maybe i should make a trip!
That red is such a yummy colour and what a lovely big space to work in....can't wait to see it finished :)

Carol x

Unfading Spring said...

love that red it look so lusious, I have Ikea in my craft room, hope you get sorted, you know what Kath I would love to help you sort out you stash, just in case you were getting rid of any scrummy bits, but I live to far away.

Hugs Carol x

loftylass said...

Oh Kath it's all coming together and I'm sure you will love it - all that lovely space to fill!!! Love the colour scheme and hope to see pics of 'work in progress'.

paula said...

I am sure that your trip to Ikea wont be too tramatic for you :D, especially when the shelving etc is for your new crafty room. I love the colour of your wall as well, it's so worth all the effort you have put into it. Hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Lorraine Robertson said...

Wall is looking good honey & I would agree that you'll be lovely & snug in there over the winter months... I can just see you sitting there with your big mug of coffee & fluffy slippers...

Hope your trip to Ikea goes relatively easy for you...

Big hugs
Lorraine xxx

weewiccababe said...

good luck today with your shopping trip - can't wait to see the unveiling.
it looks fab so far. am so looking forward to a crafty jaunt over to the opening at yours that won't cost me an arm and a leg lol

Dawn said...

Oooh KAth shopping and planning at Ikea!! Would love to have a room and the wall looks great..
Just think of all that space!!!
Well Chris beat me to it so consider yourself awarded again!!!


Sapphires-Crafty-Cards said...

Hi Kath..I just love my mornings these days..ready and waiting with a nice cuppa and ready to read your posts..that colour is just amazing i have it in my bedroom..the crafty rooms coming on a treat..buddy's going to love it in his new place..and shopping at IKEA is just the best for all those crafty little storage units..its going to look stunning..I carn't wait to see it when its looking forward to those picies...
Have a great day!!
Michelle Xx

Enfys said...

Your wall looks fab, gorgeous colour, and you are right, it will look warm on those dreary winter days (not to mention the dreary summer days.)
en x

Anne said...

Congratulations on your blog award! :-)

Unfading Spring said...

Well Kath, It's me again. You could have blown mw down with a feather, there was I reading my new copy of cards mag and who do I see but you. congrats on making it into the mag.

Hope the jaunt to Ikea was fruitful.

Hugs carol xx


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