Monday, August 3, 2009

Greetings from a weary traveller

Morning folks from a tired and weary but happy traveller....and I know you are all did I get on at Ikea.....a piece of cake.....arrived about 11 after stopping off at The Horn (if you are from this neck of the will know that I couldn't pass without having one of their fabulously huge and way over the top bacon rolls).......headed straight to the warehouse....had all the codes written down......loaded all my stuff onto one of those flat bed pushy things helped by a very nice man from Ikea...through the checkout and car loaded by 12....and then headed back in for a yummy lunch before driving home......arriving just after 3 much to hubby's surprise....probably thinks I was speeding....not guilty.....and wait for it had all the units assembled before dinner.....I did the first two and then hubby and I raced through the third......I tell you they were an absolute breeze to put together and I love credit where credit is due......well done Ikea.....10 out of 10....and look at all that storage space.

but my favourite purchase has to be this...

the perfect place to park my bum... relax with a cuppa and plan what still needs to be done....there are still shelves to put up....a countertop to be fitted around the wall...where am I going to put the computer.....and then major decisions....what am I putting where.....oh I feel a cuppa moment coming on.    The problem might be that there will be more "sitting down thinking" moments than "doing any work" moments.....don't you think?
And after all that gadding about I having a relax day....fat chance....have a few crafty projects to get finished....I feel like a hamster on a wheel.....can't wait to get the new cubbyhole up and running and then back to just normal frantic crafting.
Catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxxx


Mummylade said...

Doing IKEA in an hour, I'm stunned and really, really impressed! And those shelves are fabulous.

Avril Ann said...

Hi Kath

Glad you had a successful journery to IKEA, love that shop, being my corner shop an all!!LOL, also the HORN yummy do they know how to make ace Bacon Rolls, loads of bacon nice and crispy...oh my mouth is watering at the very thought...Were are you from Kath, I am from Dundee originally, and 4 of my kids stay in there, we moved 7 years ago to Edinburgh with the 2 youngest who are all grown up now, and we got our grandson 3 years ago, my 2nd daughter just got into a bad crowd, which is a shame, as a child she was delightful and the biggest helper I had in the house, there is no reason for some things eh...if you were in Edinburgh I am sorry I missed you, as I love Ikea's coffee and having a Family Card I get it have a lot of organising to do I can see, will probably find things you forgot you have....have a great day my friend..Avril xxxx

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, I can't believe the speed with which everything took place. So you are probably seeing the shade of green all the way from here in Johannesburg. Enjoy all that storage and of course the meditation spot.
Have a great week.

Kim Piggott said...

Way to go Kath!!!
You are amazing such a fabulous job go women power!
kim x

Helen said...

Wow - I didn't think it was possible to go to Ikea and ONLY buy the things on your list! lol
Looking good!
Helen x

Kathleen said...

Wow...thats was quick. Fantastic furniture, nice chair to relax on but you need a table to put your cuppa on. Glad you have a good day.
Have fun. Kathleen x

Vicky said...

Wooo how exciting, new craft space, new furniture. I too have decked out my craft room with these expedit units, they are just perfect for all that storage!
Hugs, Vicky ~x~

Anesha said...

Wow, starting to look like a great space! Anesha

Suzanne said...

New cubbyhole looks fantastic, Kath. We are up in your neck of the woods today. Off to visit Dunnottar Castle and ... If I get my way...Simply Create, lol!

Suzanne x

Dolly said...

That's got to be an IKEA record, takes me longer than that and it's only 13 miles away!
Room is looking good Kath, love the chair, I can just see you sitting there with a cuppa, the budster at your feet, watching the world go by, have a nice day. :)xx

Susan said...

Looking good!
Cant believe how organized you are - must be the quickest trip to Ikea I have ever heard of!
How lucky you are to have a understanding hubby - mine thinks I have lost the plot - a second childhood and all that!
Hugs SuzyX

Unfading Spring said...

Didn't she do well, and can I see some little Ikea jars there too and looks like they fit you 12 x 12 papers perfectly.

great chair to sit and gather your thoughts.

Hugs Carol x

Ali said...

Oh I'm so excited for you it looks amazing Kath!! Loving the new chair too. Have a fab day honey.

Nilla said...

Anyone who says it's a breeze to put together IKEA furniture deserves an award! LOL! Anyway it looks nice! Hugs from your Swedish blog friend Nilla

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh well done honey... it's all coming together now... won't be long till you're organised & off you will go in your new craft wonderland.

Big hugs honey & try to take it relatively easy today ok....

Lorraine xxx

Diane.W. said...

Hi Kath!!! Hope you are well.
You are always sooo busy!!!
The room looks fab & your biggest problem will be, where to put everything,as I got the same unit for my birthday,(1xlarge) & it drove me nuts!!!
Good Luck :o)x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

WoW!! Didn't you do well!! Ikea in an hour!!???!!! I'll have to take lessons from you!! lol
It all looks great...can't wait to see it all loaded and ready to go! :)

stephanne said...

Oh Kath, this is terrific and congrats to you on the easy-assembly furniture. They look great, and hope you will post more piccies after you load up your shelves with your supplies. Then I will get my old man over here to show him your spot, perhaps then he will stop sniveling about my itty bitty corner in the house!!

Carol said...

Wow Kath!!!!!! all that space for lush 12 x 12 papers, you've done yourself proud and i love the chair too :) You were super speedy getting them up....can't wait to see it all finished, then i'm coming up to stay......that o.k. with you? I'll sleep on the floor with the Budster if you don't have a spare bed.....

Carol x

mueppi said...

Wow..... Kath the room looks fantastic!!
You have`d been very busy and did a great job!!!!!
Keep care, hun
Hugs Gisela

Tab said...

Wow look at all that storage space, I'm sure you will fill it all up nicely LOL! I love Ikea for this sort of thing, they have so many fab storage ideas and stuff! Can't wait to see more!
Hugs Tab xxx

Dawn said...

Oooh wowee so much space and decisions, decisions!! My head would be spinning with all the planning of crafty placements!!! LOl
I had a chair exactly like that from Ikea until it found it's way to my mums!!!

Can't wait to see the finished room


weewiccababe said...

I can't get over how excited I am about all of this - am all gleckit, and its got bugger all to do with me lol

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Wow hunni

Your new space is going to be so organised hun I love those units they are so clever and have lots of stuff that fit them!
And we are now /craft room twins lol as mine has the same colour on the one wall hun!!!
Have fun swapping all your crafty stash to the new crafty space and finding lots of stash you forgot you had!!!!

Emma xxx

Jules said...

Excuse me Kath but "The Budster" is a little worried. He sent me a quick message earlier saying that you have put your chair in what he was hoping was "his special corner"?!?!?!?!

Can you sort this out between the two of you please! There needs to be harmony in this haven of creativity.

It looks like you are going to have an amazing craft space - will you need more stash too in order to fill it? LOL!!

Happy sorting out Kath

Love Jules xx

paula said...

I love the shelving that you got. I'm so having a case of shelving envy ;-D. I bet when you finish this room it's going to look spectacular.


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