Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy....busy and oh the mess

Morning folks and have I been busy busy.....first Christmas project done and dusted....just the materials lists and instructions to write and to be honest that takes longer than making the flipping cards and the devastation of two days of mad frantic crafting.....the brand new cubbyhole....well it's messy....why do busy and messy go hand in hand.....

and I ain't showing you the floor..... it's a carpet of strips of paper and sticky buds but nothing that a little jig round with Mr Dyson won't put to rights....but he's got double the work today...have a little confession to make....didn't vacuum at all's our little secret and I won't tell if you don't... only thing is we now have goodness knows how many billion Buddy hairs floating around in the atmosphere and hip hip hooray for the good old Dyson......something that actually does what it says on the tin......which brings me nicely onto Mr Blogger.....which planet is this guy on.....last night I thought I would sit down at the computer and pop over to some of my faves.....first he tells me that I don't follow anybody so no luck there and then when I try to do a bit of blog hopping.....I get the message that my computer is sending automated for safety...he isn't allowing me to open the page.....what a load of old bollocks.   I think he just wanders from blog to blog annoying folks.     And what's the news on "The Hub"...yes it did arrive yesterday but didn't have time to get it up and going....just a quick look in the box and shock's way does that fit in my new cubbyhole colour you think it would still work if I painted it RED.....maybe not.
And a little sneaky peek for you......the first item for the candy......

My Mind's Eye....Colorful Christmas
9 - 12 x 12 Papers and Die Cut Accessory sheet
and they are yummy delicious.......
Now don't enter yet.....just giving you a little taster....candy will be announced soon....but lots more stuff to gather watch this space.
My special little fella....GS Brodie is starting school I can hardly just seems like yesterday he arrived in the world and made me the happiest Grandma on the planet.....brings a little tear to the eye.....before you know it.....he will be leaving and looking for a job.....where does time go and don't anybody dare mention the "C" word and how many days still left to shop.......might just tip me over the edge.
"His Nibs" and I are off for our morning stroll and yes back to get everything spick and span before we are knee deep in dog hairs.....and who knows may manage another challenge today....catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S. And in answer to the comment "do I stand up to craft"....the answer is YES and it comes from years of teaching ceramics and doing card workshops and demos.....just can't do it sitting down for some reason.


Avril Ann said...

Oh Kath you do make me chukkle. I was the same this morning, no hoovering done yesterday, as I had to get Tommy the last of his school uniform, and we treated ourselves to a day at the pictures, well he is only 8, and clothes shopping is not for him...LOL. So this morning, I was go and get changed in Granny's room, as no animals are allowed in hair free...LOL. I took a picture of my gorgeous grandson, as he went out to school and I am going to post it later to let everyone see....happy walking and dysoning.......Hugs Avril xxxx

Beth said...

Ha ha! I like to think of it as 'organised chaos'! Creativity should never be neat anyway! Oh, by the way, I've left you an award on my blog to do with as you wish!

Beth xx

Suzanne said...

The cubbyhole is looking gorgeous even if a bit messy at the moment.And yes, they do go hand in hand! I am also glad that 'Mr Blogger' is not just giving that message to me...I thought I had done something wrong. I think that we are all doing the same today...hoovering, lol! Just took a wee break for you to cheer me up Kath. Then Ive git to get a card made for a friends new daughter. Nice and peaceful round here today so I should get it done.
Suzanne x

weewiccababe said...

oh I was getting that Google page thing the other day - and we finally worked out that it was actually a windows update that was causing the problem, so I removed it and changed my settings to ask me before it adds any updates.
have a great day - its Willows first day of school today too, and yes it does bring a tear to your eye, she's no longer my baby :(

Anonymous said...

Aw kath..glad your making great use of your new cubbie hole!!!lol...I cant believe how quick I can get mine messy!!!lol...
Awe bless wee Brodie starting his first day at school....
I got a little tear for you....
Our Mason starts his first Day next week...How quick do they grow Kath...
Have a lovely Day :)xxx

Susan said...

Love a messy craft room - it shows its loved!
Mr Blogger must have decided to visit you after his visit to Chez Moi Monday night!
Sounds like he gets around!
Feel the love........!

paula said...

Kath you make me smile :D I love comming over here & seeing what you are up to each time. Your cubby hole looks a lot neater than my messy crafty spot.

Kay said...

Your rant about Blogger made me laugh -just so you know, he is currently over at my blog annoying me.
I follow your adventures regularly, just don't take the time to comment much but appreciate all the time you take to entertain and inspire!

Jules said...

Hi Kath

Sounds like you are having the same problems I had last week.

Mr Blogger wouldn't let me onto sites either "because he needed to check I wasn't a robot"???? What was all that about.

He stole my reading list and my followers!!

Anyway, all seems well again now so hopefully things will be for you too.

Love Jules xx

p.s. I can make messes like that too in my craft space!!

SueH said...

I’m glad it’s not only my work room that looks like that Kath.

Now, you know you can’t make an omelette with out breaking the eggs, not that I’m saying you need broken eggs all over the floor too, Lol, but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say, right!

As for Mr Blogger, don’t go there…he was doing the exact same thing to me a day or two ago.
Naughty Mr Blogger!!

Anonymous said...

Ah but a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind! I can find almost anything on my untidy desk but the second I tidy up and put everything away then I can't find a thing! Do you stand up to craft? The only chairs I see are the comfy one on the one at the computer desk!

Eveline said...

Mr. Blogger did all the weird stuff to me too last week but the next day all was well again. I just switched him off.

Lynda said...

Mr Blogger is a temperamental old B****R at times isn't he. Think we've all got him sussed tho. I think we've something else in common here too Kath - I was into pottery for over 20 years - had my own kiln, wheel, etc. Absolutely loved it. I'm also of the mind that if you haven't made a mess you haven't crafted - Mr Dyson does a very good job of clearing up after us so why worry.

Love Lynda xxx

Desire Fourie said...

It sure looks like you are enjoying your new creative space. You naughty girl, teasing us like that with some candy sneeks.

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

That is no way near as messy as my 'space'. Love looking at your blog.
Emma xx

Carol said...

Messy is good Kath, shows you are super busy!! You do make me smile with your little rants :) and as for Mr Blogger....i was getting that too last night!! and if he annoys me much more he'll be getting those 'b' things cut off!!!!!

Carol x


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