Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Gonna Be One of those Days

It's definitely gonna be one of those days and how do I know......well grab yourselves a comfy sofa and a cuppa and I will explain.......woke up this morning at my usual 6.00am.....with a hurricane blowing outside...."The Budster" and I are all comfy cosy so decided to have another half an hour shut eye....BIG MISTAKEA TO eyes finally snapped wide open at 8.53......oh shock horror.....3 hours lost out of the working day. Dived into the shower to try and wake myself up and tame the bird's nest look that any self respecting bird wouldn't be seen dead in....grabbed a quick cuppa and discovered that I hadn't scheduled my post for Polkadoodles.....oops....sorry Nikky...and then off for our morning stroll.....this is a top priority because......
1. A stir crazy dog is no fun
2. This is my "planning the day ahead" time....while "His Nibs" rips around with the rabbits and any other wildlife he can find.....but.....minutes into the walk....shock horror I am wearing one of those socks that doesn't want to stay on your foot....I'm sure you have come across his cousin.....slowly creeps down your heel... so for the next hour or so I am stopping every 25 yards to pull it up again and let me tell you folks this would send lesser mortals over the edge.
So what has to be done today.....and I fear mega prioritisation is needed here......

VACUUM AND DUST.......definitely not.....just have to fight my way through the dog hairs for one more day
FOOD SHOPPING.....probably not.......but what exciting culinary concoction can I conjure up with 3 eggs...1 tomato......mushrooms...a pathetic looking spring onion and some potatoes whose eyes are so far out on stalks they look like martians.
GET FUNKY DT STUFF....priority......or I run the risk of having my legs slapped big time.
GUEST DT CARD......coming up soon.....NO WAY involves a sketch and well need I say any more...will save that one for a more normal kinda day.
So what am I going to be doing today....well I don't have a clue.....I feel as though my head is on backwards...

will I just head back to bed.....snuggle up under the duvet and pretend today never happened.....
head off to the M&S it's too wet...windy and cold or......
and this is the best idea I've had all day.....make myself a cuppa...snuggle up on the sofa with "His Deliciousness" and tidy out my mega supply of Christmas stamps....hey there may be some goodies to give away and on the subject of goodies...a little sneaky peek of some more yummy stuff I have added to the CUBBYHOLE BLOG CANDY......

lots of my favourite things.....gorgeous bling....yummy yummy snowflakes...cute Christmas stamps and fabulous fabulous irridescent glitter......will be posting the CANDY very soon.....I promise.
Catch up with you all tomorrow......Big Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Kath you are so funny, My sock's must be relations off yours. You have really cheered me up especially since it is so miserable outside.

    Marsha xx

  2. Bad start ...bad day! No way just pull up your SOCK (all his cousins live here) and start again lol. You're a right character! Love reading about your escapades lol.

  3. OMG so there's a 6am as well as a 6pm! ... must admit I'm more of an owl than a lark ... you definately seem to be a lark. Glad to hear that you've decided to leave the dust until tomorrow though, it will still be there waiting for you. You made me laugh with the martian potatoes, what is it about potatoes ... I seem to throw more away than I cook. Keep saying that I'll plant some of them but never seem to get around to it so give up and throw them away when the tentacles start reaching out for me.
    Keep up the good work and I'll be back tomorrow to see what you've been up to.

    Lynn x

  4. You would never get slapped legs from me Kath for a late DT card..but I can't say the same for Ruth! But I see you've created some amazing cards on the DT forum so I suppose you wont be in trouble now!!
    There is nothing worse than losing time you are used to having know what it wont hurt for one day!!
    Anice xx

  5. You do make me laugh Kath!

    Your sock story reminds me of the 5,00000 odd socks we have in a washing basket waiting for 'someone' to go through and find some pairs! I heard once that every house has an 'odd sock bag', so why is it I have a whole basket!

    I hope your day pans out better and by this evening you feel ready to begin it properly!

    Carol x

  6. hi kath,
    thanks for your kind words on my card .
    your cards are stunning , huggs jo x

  7. I woke up grumpy today, but then I read the lovely commment you left on my blog, then this funny I'm giggling! Thanks for making my day! I'll trade weather with you--it's going to be 106 here today, just like yesterday!

  8. You're the best 'Pick me up' ever!!!

    Love Lynda xxx

  9. Oh Kath. you have had me with tears rolling down my face at your sock comment, it's funny how they sometimes do that isn't it!! I am very envious of your lifestyle, right up my street!!
    Love Becky xx

  10. dunno about you, but I'm exhausted just listening to that lol
    tomorrow's another day quine

  11. Oh Kath

    What a day you are having!!!! big lol about the sketch comment hun not the best day for a sketch me thinks hee hee!!!

    Emma xxx

  12. Thanks for putting another smile on my dial ... you always seem to cheer me up with your unusual sense of humor.


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