Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Me Again

Howdy folks...for all you fans out there of gorgeous golden's "The Budster"...just thought I would pop on and keep you up to speed with all the excitement at Cubbyhole 2...gee whizz it's been a bit hectic here and Mum has been a tad grumpy...nothing new there then..."fat lot of help you are" she keeps muttering...well I've been doing my best but she is such a pernickety knickers...I ain't interfering...I'm keeping my head down and yes I do confess to dropping off occasionally...well I find this moving business so tiring and all a bit stressful...I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and yesterday she just about blew a gasket...I thought I would get out from under her feet and let me tell you she wasn't best pleased when she came back with another armful of crafty stuff and saw this...

well I am tucked in the corner out of the way keeping it warm and between you and me...there has been a little too much sitting down with a cuppa and not enough work being done so I'm doing my bit for the production line...don't you think. To be honest the day didn't start off well when she lost her scissors...blimey what a if it had been a big juicy bone I could understand and it's not as though she only has one pair...the whole place has been turned upside down and they are nowhere to be seen and it didn't go down a storm either when I got a parcel yesterday and she didn't...oh was I excited when I saw that postie bloke coming down the path and inside a fabby card and some yummy tummy treats from that gorgeous girl Dawny P...a tad late for my birthday but hey ho...who's's the thought that counts and check out this pupster...not as handsome as me but cute all the same

big thank you Dawn.... sending big slobbery kisses
I've been over to check out my latest fan and boy does she sound fun and being a bit of an expert on the crafty front...let's face it folks I am surrounded by the blooming things so believe me I know a good card when I see one and I can tell you her cards are delish...but I have a problem...she has a cat...oh well we can't all be perfect and that I can overlook in exchange for yummy treats. Have to sign off now folks...can't sit here blethering all day...I feel a walk coming on and then it's back to my new favourite chair and lots of crafty moving to supervise. I think there may be a challenge card on the way so pop back the meantime chill out and remember life is just one big ball of fun or it will be when Mum finds her scissors.
Hugs & Kisses from "The Budster" xxxxxx


Kim Piggott said...

Hi Buddy,
Just wanting to say how much we love you and are you number one fans! We too know how it is living in a house of craft! Keeping our Mum company sitting on her feet when the craft gets going!
Take care Buddy and thanks for giving us more delicious pictures of you your most adoring fans!
Bonnie and Abby Piggott great big kisses xxxxx

Mummylade said...

I'm so glad they bought you that lovely chair to relax in whilst overlooking the whole crafty mess. Very thoughtful of them ;)

weewiccababe said...

morning Buddy, that chair just fits you perfectly - like it was made for you lol
can't wait to meet you when your mum has the grand cubbyhole #2 opening

Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, glad to hear from you. Sounds like things are a bit hectic at your place. I am sure things will settle down soon:-) and there will be lots of fussing going on soon.
Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs Anesha

Carol said...

Hi Buddy, Just wanted to say it's nice to hear from you, and your new chair is fab!!! Wasn't it lovely of Mum to buy that for's the right colour as well!?!
And.............the perfect vantage point to see what's going on in that new cubbyhole! too much coffee drinking i reckon ;-D

Carol x

sassy said...

hi buddy.....thought id say hello but a i know your not gonna be me biggest fan but my mum hasnt been herslef and im all thought id pop on here while shes bathing...i do that rather well but she needs lots of water yuck!!!!! anyway if you forgive me i just wanted to say put our differences aside and boy do you make me meaow for england im almost think im a i follow mum everyewhere...and ive been howling at your antics and i though iwas bad....who me never!!!!so from all of the animal kingdom we love your blog..oh by the way im still covered in glitter....yes i get in the way too....kisses marvina xx

stephanne said...

Oh, you sneaky sneaky thing!! Your mum must be ever-so-distracted right about now, eh? I think you are right, Mr. Golden Locks of Luscious Love, that chair was absolutely meant for you!! I hope things settle down for you and your mum soon!! And looks like you've got you a little treasure to hold you over for a bit while mum is searching for her scissors. Nice to get a Lordhsip Laurence update ;)

Your faithful human,

Dawn said...

You make a great dogervisor!!! Just keep your head down bud and have some long naps and before ya know it - it will all be over and calm will be restored!!!

Dawn and the furries!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Buddy, you look so handsome in your pics! I would love to meet you in real life, but I doubt I'd get anywherfe near you through the crowds of screaming fans! (sigh)

Just wanted to say that you clearly have as good an eye for colour co-ordination as your Mum. Displaying yourself on that background with the chair and blinds that match your beautiful highlights is just so tasteful, which, of course, is indicative of your being a good breed. Sorry!! I mean that you have good breeding!

Cuddles to you, you handsome beast!
Chris xx

a portland granny said...

I think your doggie should write a book about scrapbooking....or better yet, some kind of children's book. Either way, I bet it would be a best seller!!

Cute post! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!


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