Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nightmare at the Cubbyhole

Morning folks and I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.....well it can't be any worse than the one I am having......started off as all weekends do on Friday night........little did I know when I sat down to finish off the Penny Black Saturday Challenge post....there was a disaster waiting to happen......first no broadband connection ...and while I am trying to sweet talk the old Home Hub to be good....the computer gave up the will to live and crashed big time.....not even a flicker of life.....panic it was a case of jammies at the ready and burn a bit of midnight oil....nothing else for it but to reinstall the whole Windows Operating System and that means back to square one...everything gone....then all that stuff that we rely on......Picasa....Firefox...Virus Programme had to be downloaded again and these things are never in a hurry when you are waiting for them....but I did finally manage to schedule the post.....then it was off to bed at goodness knows what time.
It is working albeit on a wing and a prayer and the connection can just suddenly drop......I have so much to do that honestly it couldn't have happened at a worse time....but hey that's life and convinced the whole problem lies with my BT Home Hub I called BT.    Now a bit of subterfuge was called for here....if you call Broadband are talking to the guy in Dehli and to be honest I didn't have the time or energy so I called Customer Services and pressed the button for billing....I know...underhand tactics but drastic measures are called for here.....then went to town on this poor guy and after a war of words he agreed to send me a new Hub.....arrives fingers crossed it will solve my problems.    And just to make my day..... I have been forced to turn on Comment Moderation again due to some sickos who have nothing better to do than be nasty maybe they will now crawl back under their stones.  May be MIA for a few days but will catch up with you all when normal service is resumed at the cubbyhole.

Big Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S. To answer Lesley's comment on Grand Tour.....the multi coloured filing cabinet in the pic is a rolling cart which I bought from Costco but the trays are only A4 no good for your 12 x 12's...I couldn't e-mail you or in fact visit your blog because you have not shared your profile but hope this helps.


Avril Ann said...

Oh Kath what a weekend you have had. I had the same problem with my broadband last month. I eventually got a nice engineer in and he fixed it and sorted out my wireless connection too. But speaking to India is just so frustrating....we are with "Virgin", I keep threatening to have one off those toggle things.....Hope you get all your work done, my dear friend....thinking off you. Hugs Avril xxx

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare,I have to depend on Hubby to fix these thing's...
Good to see you are all sorted now.
We changed from BT to Virgin as we had loads of prob's ourselves a while back

Desire Fourie said...

Oh Kath, you've got all my sympathing ... technology is fantastic when it works, but down right awfull when it doesn't want to play along. Hope your problems will be something of the past soon. Love the bit on the nasties crawling back under their stones ... you never cease to put a smile on my face.

Kathleen said...

Ooooh noooo...not more problems. You're very clever and cool lady managed to reinstall and everything. I panicked and worried as I can't fix the computer to save my life. About a year ago my little laptop has gone haywire, me and hubby tried to fix it but to no avail.
Hope things goes well for you.
Kathleen x

Cass said...

Glad you got your PC sorted Kath.It's a major pain having to do a reinstall.I just did one on my lappy last week but had managed to save everything I needed as I'd been having some warning signs it was going to go,so luckily had backed it all up.I'm still slowly loading stuff back on.
Cass xxx

Joy said...

Oh why are some days like that. Technology can often bite you when you least need it. You sound far more technically able than I, it would have been hubby to the rescue in this house. Well rescued.
Also, shame about mods. What is up with some folk. Whatever can they find to be nasy to YOU about? Shame on you people.

Kim Piggott said...

Oh know Kath what a total disaster!
I really feel for you as I have so been there, done that and got the t-shirt. But, that is no consolation to you. I hope that home hub gets to you soon I am relying on my Kath fix to get me through the day.
So sorry that you have had problems with comments how sad I am to know that this too has happened to you.
Take care
kim x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Nightmare!! You did a brilliant job to start from scratch and get to schedule a post before daylight!!! *.*
Must admit BT have given me a headache too recently...I even had to change my home phone number due to nuisance calls from...BT!!!!!
I hope that life with a new hub is less stressful... Good luck xxx

Kellylouj said...

Aw Kath what nightmare our pc is slowly dying and we need to invst in a new one but don't have the cash to do that so I have to use hubby's lap top for the net now.

Hope it all gets sorted out for you xxx

Jilli said...

Oh flippin' heck you have had it bad ... i think i'd have been suicidal ... i'm lucky having a DH that is a computer tech in training so he can solve most problems without having to do the dreaded f word (format!)... bless him, he has his uses! Don't blame you being underhanded, i've found with these companies it the best way to be lol! wishing you luck ... Jillix

Allison said...

how horrible all round and hey they must be so jealous and that is why they being nasty!

stephanne said...

Smooth move on the "billing" selection, that's one way to talk to someone straight away, when money is on the line, everything moves faster. I hope this new hub gets your computer squared away, what a bummer!!

Enfys said...

Great cards since I was here last Kath, love the PB one for this week, and the school one is just fantastic. The new cubbyhole looks amazing, is that a pazzles in the corner? Sorry you are having problems with computers and idiots, comment moderation is the way to go with these saddos
En xx

Anesha said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Do hope that you new hub will work. Take care. Anesha

Dawn said...

Glad you got it sorted for now KAth - och and pity about the comment moderation nasty peeps!!


mudmaven said...

Oh my, hang in there and good luck! I think there must be solar flares or something going on as I have had big time problems too. ~chris

Ali said...

Hi Kath,
Sorry to hear about your computer problems! I have been suffering with crashed computer syndrome too! Maybe they are coming down with swine flu everyone else seems to be! I have the A4 coloured drawers from costco! My mum has recently bought 12 x 12 ones from there too!
Take care,


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