Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to School

Morning it's not me who's off to school but the theme of my working day yesterday....finally finished off the cards I had to make for the 6 youngsters starting school shortly and then 7 gift cards for presents for nursery staff......and a little bit more tidying out of the old cubbyhole.....that is going to be a slow process....

Papers: Nitwit Collections....Kindergarten
Pink Petticoat...Little Fleurs Collection
Snag Em Stamps.....Chick
Pink Petticoat...Tiny Typed Alphas

now call me a party pooper if you will.....but I just think this has got totally out of hand.....and I feel sorry for the parents who maybe can't afford to splash out every time the school breaks up and of course....there are always the folks who try to outdo everybody else and then it turns into a farce.....can't remember it being a big deal when my kids were at school and the number of birthday parties they are invited to nowadays......the money spent on entertaining a group of kids......we just had lots of pals round to the house to play games and just when it was becoming a little bit too boisterous.....we stuffed them full of jelly and ice cream until they couldn't it's off to some theme park.....hiring a bouncy castle and an entertainer....and they come away with a goody bag which costs an arm and a leg.
And check out great nephew's birthday pressie from his Grandma and Sis and BIL...isn't it fabulous.....I love the window box with the pansies...the doorbell that actually works and the blue gingham curtains

and this made me giggle....he reminded me of Eddie the Eagle without the skis.
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my new crafty space and if you live within driving distance of are welcome anytime for a cuppa and a crafty chat and yes Debbi....I'll put the kettle on.......see you in 20 minutes.......and thanks also for all your good wishes for the bundle of golden deliciousness.....he is definitely back to his old self.
And I was lucky enough to receive these awards.......from my lovely bloggy buds.....
who lives not too far you have no excuse not to pop over for a cuppa
Thank you so much for thinking of me girls..... I really do appreciate it......and I still have on my party pooper hat...... I am not going to pass these on to anyone in particular......just to all my lovely bloggy grab them for your blog if you wish.... with my love......well I need to get a spurt on and get my DT stuff done for this week or I will be skidding in by the seat of my pants once catch up with you all tomorrow for sneaky peek Thursday.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

They are lovely cards... this has reminded me i need to make a couple ...thanks for your inspiration... ..certainly helps.... love caroline xx

Anesha said...

Love the cards you made. Glad to hear Buddy is better! Hugs to him. Anesha :-)

weewiccababe said...

those are fabulous cards - guess I should've made one for Willow as its her first day at school next week.

will email you for an appt Kath lol
have a great day

scotspanda said...

great cards Kath, I agree its mad how much we spend on kids birthdays these days! I've tolf Lily now she's past 5 she can take a couple of friends to the cinema or swimming or something like that from now on.......and don't get me started on those damn party bags!! As for the teachers presents I have never bought one yet, I make a card and either make chocs/bisuits for each teacher, and last term I decorated a couple of notebooks. I bet these types of gifts are more welcome than all the bottles of wine and bubble bath lol

You never know one of these days I might be able to pop in for a coffee!


Amanda xx

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Love those gorgeous school cards, the kids will really love getting them. Love those lovely little thank you cards you've made too. Love that wee birdie. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Kat said...

I really agree with you about the parties and the teachers pressies. I can remember one daughter had a party (once) with the girls from her class! As for teachers' pressies - I don't remember ever doing anything along those lines. We were on a farm with 3 kids so if you were going to have one extra kid to play you might as well have one friend for each on the same day. I hope my grand daughter doesn't have daft parties every year. Her 1st birthday had family, friends and one other little one(apart from 3 cousins) and she went to bed as usual and left everyone else to get on with it! Think I've just had a rant too!! We're obviously the same generation!!!

Kat x

Anonymous said...

Absolute `Fabulous` Kath...
ie !!!ha ha ...
Our Mason loves wearing his suit..wait till they are in their teens and we remind them ..
`Thoa were the ays` lol...hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

Tatanky said...

Your cards are lovely !! I'm really glad to hear that Buddy is better. Sucha a shame I live so far away from Aberdeen......the Atlantic Ocean is in between.....I just love visiting your blog.

Kim Piggott said...

Oh these cards are just wonderful they will all love them!
Wow that is a wendy house and a half!
Love budding sportacus!
kim x

JACKIE said...

Hiya Kath, as usual your blog always makes me laff out loud...the cards are soooo cute and I'm sure will put a smile on their faces....Dont get me started on the pressies thing or the parties for that matter....out here in Stonehaven its always been a case of keeping up with the 'Joneses' whoever they I worked in the playgroup some of the presents we recieved were embarassing but the ones that I remember and cherish were the ones that the children had some input in making....I still have the decorated candle holder made out of a tumbler and some ear rings that one child had made...and some other bits and bobs but would end up writing a should pop over the hill from Northfield to see you after I finish work (if I ever get an early mark)and have a rumage and mess up your new cubbyhole...which is looking great by the way....anyways better get round another couple of blogs before I head off to bed or my day off will be spent Jackie xx

trixi b said...

Oh wow Kath, the cards are brilliant and so refreshingly different.
I love your great newphew's birthday pressie! How super cool is that? Bet none of his friends have got that toy!! lol
Trix x

Juls said...

gorgeous cards! love the vibrant colours and the lettering!


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