Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning folks and yes Sneaky Peek Thursday is back.....does that mean that things are returning to normal ....about time too...but you know no matter how manic... frantic or downright desperate things get here and I'm afraid that is pretty much the norm here most of the thing never changes at Chez Kath ...our chill out and early morning cuppa time...can't function in the morning until I've had 2 cups of in my comfy chair and "His Nibs"...well he seems to have decided to defer to his elders and has given up sitting on the chair....instead this is his new favourite spot....glued to the radiator.....OK it's not on at the moment but come winter...he will be one toasty cosy dog....I've never known a goldie who likes his home comforts so much....he's just the biggest softest lump

lots to do today so let's crack on with the sneaky peeks
and what is on the agenda for today......just the same old....just when I think I am getting to the bottom of the pile...more stuff comes I know how the hamster on the wheel feels.....and must try and spend some time in the old cubbyhole for more sorting...tidying and me thinks chucking out.....either I am a mega hoarder or the blinking stuff has been breeding out there all these years.....the quicker I get this done and dusted and then maybe I can get back into the swing of doing some challenges again....and that's just the crafty stuff....the pile of everyday life stuff is piling up on my desk too....the application for the Wimbledon tickets for next year has to be filled in and posted and did you know that if you have a photo driving licence you must renew the photo every 10 years and pay £20 for the privilege of the DVLA swopping them need to go and get a passport photo....oh don't even get me started on that thinks it's time I got myself a PA who could also double up as a cleaner/cook/gardener/dog walker/painter decorator/form filler in and general dogsbody....catch up with you all later and enjoy your day whatever you are doing.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Anesha said...

Glad to see Buddy having a relax, what a lovely site! Hope you get all the things done today. My inspiration seem to have left for a while so maybe I need to tidy my craft room. Have a fun and hugs to Buddy. Anesha

Lorraine Robertson said...

Loving those bright colours I'm seeing on your peeks honey... and your wee croc too... shame that Prince Charming only left room for one of them... oh it's such a hard life for him living at home with you... please stop working him so hard... LOL

Lorraine xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Don't chuck out the old stuff from the cubby hole, send it to me, lol! Glad to see you're back in action, I've missed your lovely cards. Hugs to the beautiful Budster.

Tatanky said...

I'd love to have a PA too...wouldn't that be wonderful ??? I love to see Buddy relaxing he's so gorgeous ! and can't wait to see the card in blue and white...I'm loving it already.

Allison said...

A PA now that would be fab!
Sneaky peaks loookin good


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