Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 Steps Forward and 3 Back

Oh you ever get so bogged down with stuff that you feel you are making no progress whatsoever......NO CARD TO SHARE TODAY....because I had such a tootling around day yesterday....just never got out of the bit....and of course, it didn't help that I sat transfixed to the TV for 2 hours waiting for my hero......isn't he just the nicest unassuming guy...and that smile....does it for me everytime and of course, I had to have a little spend....well after him sending me a birthday would have been so rude not to.
Decided that the whole day had been a bit of production disaster so there was no way I was working into the night......let's get on the old 'puter and catch up with some commenting and blog hopping....well what do you know..... Nice Mr Blogger was throwing his toys out of the pram big time last night....I tell you this guy needs a bit of a slap.....just when I have a bit of time.....he decides to play awkward....he is such a pain in the ****
A bit of a toot for some fabbie BLOG fab Funky Hand Team Mate CAROL has Cuttlebug Embossing Folder and some delish ribbons up for grabs and one of my bestest bloggy buds ALISON
who is celebrating 15,000 hits has some gorgeous there is a bit of a twist here these credit crunching days (and don't get me off on a rant about that one folks).....Alison would like us to share our money saving top tips.....well that's easy.....STOP CRAFTING...STOP EATING and if I can't have the first two STOP BREATHING.
Do you know what.....I am going to have a little rant makes me so angry that thousands of folks are losing their jobs and possibly their homes and all because of our useless "put it all on expenses..I'm All Right Jack" MPs...their even more useless leader....good old GB (the quicker we get rid of him folks..the better) and his cronies....those GREEDY LITTLE MEN....."just out to make a fast buck" THE BANKERS".
And while I am on my soap box....whatever happened to free speech in this country....Jeremy Clarkson is hauled over the coals and made to apologise when he called GB...a one-eyed Scottish Git...and all the do-gooders crawl out of the woodwork and complain.......WHY.....every word he said is true...he is blind in one eye....he is Scottish...I am ashamed to say.....and he is certainly A GIT.
Now feel better for getting that off the old chest tomorrow is Sneaky Peek Thursday.....well it won't be if I don't get my DT stuff off to get cracking.....catch up with you all later.......remember race across to Carol and Alison and get your names in the hat.....Hugs Kath xxxxx