Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonderful Monday

Morning Folks.....the weather is awful.....the snow is melting and is now a slushy mess...the weekend is over and it's Monday morning again.......and it's wonderful......WHY.....let me just say.....first my heart was in my mouth last night....I thought that Dan & Roxanne were going to be in the skate off.....but no  DAN THE MAN has been saved to skate another week......I tell you folks it is the highlight of me week watching that guy......what a mover.......and it's award time again...first this gorgeous one from the lovely and talented Tracie and Domi my team mates from Penny Black bloggy bud....Paula  and my fabby Scottish bloggy mates....Lainy .. Debz and Dawn

and this one from my Fiskars Crafty Mate Lorraine
thanks girls for these gorgeous awards and for thinking of me and I am passing these to all my bloggy if you haven't already got them....grab them for your blog with all my love
and this one from a very special little gentleman

and who might this gentleman be...
the cutest MOUSE in town
CALVIN....of course
 thank you so much are just the sweetest
and I love you to pieces
Now Calvin has a little dilemma....he received a Valentine's card......
only one Calvin....I would have thought that Royal Mail
would have been delivering them by the van load
but it was signed "An Admirer" XX
Now Calvin is wondering if I am his admirer.....of course I love you Calvin
and I think you're sexy
but did I send you a that would be telling....wouldn't it.
If you haven't met Calvin don't know what you are missing.....he is just the cutest little guy
so pop on over and share some bloggy love with him.
Now Calvin may be able to help me out here......I have a mouse who has taken up residence in the attic...and who can blame him in this weather....well I think it's only one...who may be a whole family but I hear him scuttling about behind the wall when I am in bed....and as long as he stays on his own side of the wall...I don't have a problem with him staying....the problem is he sounds as though he is wearing  tackety beets (and that's hob nailed boots for you non-Doric speakers) so put on your baffies matey(slippers) ..and you and I can live together in peace and harmony...otherwise I may have to get my mate Calvin to come and sort you out.
Well off to walk "The Budster" but will be back later with a crafty challenge.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Congrats on your awards Kath! Isnt Calvin just the cutest! Im surprised he didnt have more cards...but am beginning to think I know who his admirer is..;)Look forward to seeing your crafty challenge I think I am just ready for one now!

  2. Well done on your awards honey & there is one more for you on my blog....

    loves ya loads
    Lorraine xxx

  3. Congrats re your awards - not in the least bit surprised cos well you are a bit of a fabster xxx Did you send a card to Calv I wonder lol xxxxx Mmmm, does Tim know about the competition? And no just Calv but Dan as well lol xxxx Mind you, he has a rather fine butt I have to admit - I had a quick peek last night, but only for research purposes :)) And he looks such a sweetie as well. Hope you are ok xxxxxx

  4. yummy awards Kath - well deserved too!!

    I think Calvin's gonna have a lday friend soon you know!!

    .... Mice - I say MICE in the attic - eeh Kath I hope they're not gnawing anything they shouldn't!!! LOL


  5. Make sure the mice don't get into your card stash!! Maybe you should get Rotty on the case!!