Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Sneaky Peeks

Wow.....have we had a snowfall......blizzard conditions this morning and "The Budster" and I were like abominable snowmen by the time we got the front door and he does his usual shake.....we now have considerable snowfall in the hall and will he stay indoors.....just wants to rummage around in the garden...using his nose like a snowplough.....dogs are just like kids.....they love SNOW.    Not venturing out in the car today and it's just as well I know where it's parked because it is completely covered..just a big lump of snow.......don't you just love WINTER.

Now this is interesting..... I have to come inside?

Well my paint brush awaits so better get on with the sneaky peeks.....
And poor Mr Postie trudging through deep snow to deliver some delicious crafty parcels.....some fabulous new stamps from Penny Black and Hero Arts......can't wait to play but that darned paint brush is shouting it's head must dash......catch up with you all tomorrow on Tag You're It.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Oh your boy is just magnificant!!
    How brilliant that he is loving your snow!
    I expect the postman was in his hawaiian shirt and shorts then.
    Good luck with that paint brush today hopefully you can see the end in sight soon.
    kim x

  2. I can't believe all that snow Kath - we have some pathetic wet snowflake every now and then.
    The Budster is just so handsome - bet his paws were cold!!!
    Love the sneak peeks - mmm!!


  3. i love it when new stash drops through the letter box Kath - and i like it even more when its too big to go through the letter box !!!!!! heheee !

    enjoy your new stash kath - i shall be back to see what you have made with it !
    love maddy

  4. seriously I want your postman!
    Buddy looks like he is having fun- mine love it too but just now we only have a little dusting but more on the way I hear.

  5. Oh Buddy is having so much fun.... how cute...

    Now you're really teasing us with your sneaky peek as the colours are fab...

    Lorraine xxx

  6. Hi Kath...I have to agree with you, my dog LOVES the snow! We've had snow but it doesn't look quite as nice and deep as yours..Niamh would get burried under that

  7. Hi Kath Just had a great catch up you are amazing.

    thanks for the lovely comment that you left me on the purple tag.

    have a great weekend

    chriss x

  8. Aw bless the Budster. He's such a handsome boy and obviously enjoying the snow. Ours barely lasted a day so if you could arrange to send some down to York???

  9. Thanks for popping over and visiting my blog. Love your project here and the pics of your dog enjoying the snow.

  10. Look at the Budster, bless him, does he have all those little snowballs clinging to his underneath fur and bits? I remember our dog used to get those, but she was a westie, so a lot closer to the ground than Bud. Sneeky peek looks tantalising again..........I'll be back
    En x

  11. Hi Buddy,

    Wow!! Looks like you got WAYYY more snow than we did...Have fun!!

    Your Golden Friend,

  12. Love the pictures of the budster in the snow. As summer people here in Johannesburg, South Africa, can't get enough of snow pictures, so keep on rolling with them. Hugs from Desire
    PS: Still painting? That room must be huge!

  13. A Budster is enjoying all that snow...
    Not one drop for us yet!!!lol:)~X~

  14. What fun for Buddy! I drove home from work with my air conditioning on!
    Can't wait to see the freshly painted room...


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