Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Huge Funky Love" are going to love this one folks.....Anice from "Funky Hand" has just released her latest download and  it's called "Huge Funky Love".....and this one is special....a word book collection.....  26 alphabet pages A...Z and 10 number pages...0..9.....and 6 colour co-ordinated papers in fabulous pinks and browns......42 printable pages in total.

What I love about this you can really personalise your word books and  choose whatever you want.....have a name....a word....or numbers for a special birthday....the only limit is your imagination.....and had great fun playing with this one and of of my favourite colour combos.......available now on the website only £4.59....what a can't buy one of those word templates for that pop over and grab one....I know you will love it.
and great for cards too
I am beginning to think the old gal is losing the plot....I made 3 cards to upload to Anice and for the life of me I CANNOT find No.3.....I have turned The Cubby Hole upside down.....even emptied the waste paper bin and it is NOWHERE to be found.....don't it just drive you mad when that happens....I am now beginning to doubt my sanity...mind you folks have been doubting it for years....and maybe they were right.   One of life's little mysteries. 
While I remember folks.....only 5 days left until my BIG BLOG CANDY GIVE-AWAY No 6 pop on over and leave a don't want to miss out on this HERE for details.
Back later with some sneaky peeks....a little behind this morning....I seem to have pulled a muscle in my back....there should be a Government Health Warning about the old painting and decorating don't get me started on that one but I wonder why my little friend in his little office hasn't yet issued guidelines for all make-over nuts like me......I feel like my body has seized up...maybe some stretchy exercises and a long soak in a nice hot bath will do the trick...but first wrapping up toasty and off to walk "The Budster" and yes we still have's blowing a blizzard right now and we have white out conditions......from your squeaky... creaky.... losing the plot...bloggy bud.....Hugs Kath xxxxx
P.S.  This started out as a quick toot for Huge Funky Love and sorry turned into a bit of a saga.


  1. ooooh gorgeous download, I missed out on the funky daze cd after the ideal world programme so I can buy this until Anice gets it back in stock :o)

    hope the backs better soon


    Amanda xx

  2. I think you are over doing this decorating lark Kath!(and making me feel lazy at the same time!) A nice sit down, with the Budster at your feet and a hot cuppa in your hand, this afternoon is what I recommend. I recommend the same to myself (minus the doggy pal of course) but I don't think it's going to happen! Don't worry about the other'll turn up when you least expect it!
    Anice xx

  3. fab cards and book Kath- don't you just love the download, the colours are fab

  4. Oh yummy.... will have to download it later...

    Lorraine xxx

  5. Love what you made with the download. xxx

  6. Lovely cards Kathy! I have been and bought the download and I can't wait to use it!


  7. Oooh, these are lovely! I might have to take myself over to Funky hand! xx