Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Major Make-over Required

Decisions.....decisions.....do I call up John Frieda and ask if he can do me a quick wash and blow dry or will I just stick in some curlers......have I got time for some Botox and will I just go and buy a big box of Polyfilla....what am I going to wear....search in the depths of the wardrobe for my sexy LBD and killer heels or just go casual....yeah jeans and a cardie.
What on earth is the old gal on about today....finally lost her marbles eh.   NO...I will have you know I have been invited to a very important PARTY and .....you are all invited too.....YES.....and this is going to be the PARTY OF ALL PARTIES.....to celebrate the launch of Clare's fabulous Signature Range.

PLACE.....well it all kicks off  HERE.......
excuse me....but....I will definitely be coming dressed....
don't know you all that well enough yet..... 
WHEN: what other night could it be...... it's Saturday Night
and I promise we are all going to have a ball.....a real swinging night of fun...music...challenges......party games....competitions and yes....prizes.
Now don't all rush to the phone and call John Frieda....give me 5 minutes to get booked up.
Will be back later with a challenge card......yes I managed to do a challenge and it's only Tuesday....things are looking up.
I have a little bit of a confession to make and an apology to give......I am such a numptie....but you know that already.......I love to visit all the lovely folks who take part in the two challenge blogs I am lucky enough to be part of.....Tag You're It and Penny Black Saturday and I had fallen a bit behind with my visiting....so at lunchtime....I made myself a cuppa and headed up to the old 'puter......sailing through them me thinks until I discovered half way through the Penny Black Lovers.....that I was still typing "thanks for joining in the fun this week at TYI"......sorry if I have confused you.....WELCOME TO THE CLUB.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. wow that sounds fun...luckily JF was able to squeeze me in before anyone else, its not what you know ya know!! Ill be there for sure!

  2. HAHAHA!!! You paint such a glamorous picture of yourself Kath!!!
    I'm waiting for the hairdressers to open at 9am so I can get an appointment myself,so I will be glam for Saturday,lol!!! :o)x

  3. sounds lika a fun party :-) I'll be there, have to be comfy joggers n jumper though, good job we don t have to be on webcam !!! ha ha

  4. Have you considered fashioning yourself a gown of paper? I think that would be wonderful, please do not spill your drink though or step on the hem as it could proove rather revealing! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Mrs W x

  5. Now i am a party animal so i'll be there glammed to the nineties or will that be nighties lol. Have a fab day.

  6. Hi Kath..Well loks like fun..I will just opt to keeping my dressing gown and slippers on there then..like Lorraine says..
    Good job they dont have a Web cam..lol....
    I hope to get over and join in!!!TFS:)