Monday, February 23, 2009

What am I up

What am I up .....for one heart stopping minute last night....I thought today would be a day of doom and gloom......yes I really thought that my man DAN and his partner Roxanne would be in the skate off and against chance...but no....they have been spared to skate another week.......really thought that Coleen should have been the one to go last night.....but of course she has a huge following and is such a riot and they are keeping her in......regardless of her skating......and who am I to complain.....I am keeping Roxanne in......because I JUST LUVS DAN. I love Jessica and beautiful and graceful....and Matt is a bit of Donal.....he is giving it his all and his partner is stunning but what about Ray....isn't he just amazing....... and how rude was Ruthie......can't even get Roxie's name right and I'm sorry but Ruthie and Jason just don't do it for me......but the bit I love best is when you see them all make up.....god the girls look rough......just like the rest of us......gladdens me old heart......and isn't it amazing what a little slap....or in my case a LOT.....can do.
So now that I am back to being a happy bunny....what am I doing today......well that all depends on PARCELFORCE ....expecting an uber huge box of goodies from M& not the sofas.....but all the accessories....curtains...cushions....lamps etc and if they arrive as promised....I shall be up my trusty ladder hanging curtains.....a job I must admit I hate....but someone's gotta do it........
And ROYAL I am feeling a little bit left out here.....all the other chicks on the DT got their scrummylicious parcels of goodies from our FABBY NEW BOSS.....CLARE on Saturday....but not ME.....oh NO......and that is the down side of living in the wilds of Scotland....oh YES......everything takes a bit longer to get here.....well my poor postie will probably be tramping through the heather as we speak and let me tell you.....he is a gem.....never complains about the amount of stuff he has to deliver here......take my hat off to these guys......out in all weathers and he always has a smile.......never collapses in shock when I open the door early in the morning in my old tatty DG and hair like a bird's nest.......mind you he has probably seen some sights and could tell a few stories....SO PLEASE HURRY MR POSTIE.... I can't wait to dive into this parcel of goodies and have a play.....I've had a big sneaky peek of Clare's new Signature Range and it's fabulous........would you like a little sneaky peek

Well off to make a cuppa and sit at the window watching for the man with the BIG RED VAN
Hugs Kath
P.S. DT parcel of goodies has arrived.....poor postie....saw him park his van and was out of the house and up the driveway like a demented woman.....what must he have thought.......and it's chocca full of delish stuff.........but you will have to wait until Saturday to see.


  1. good luck waiting for Parcel Force,
    I had to laugh about Postie seeing some sights, my one certainly does - its a wonder he hasn't had a breakdown after seeing me some mornings lol

  2. You are such a tease, my bloggy buddy. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with these fab stamps. I'm going to the SECC on the Thursday too fancy a cuppa? Well i hope the postie brings your goodies this morning. Have a smashing day.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww hopefully you won't have yoo long to wait Kath. A girl needs her craftings goodies asap lol

  4. I could not agree more Kath - I thought Ruthie was downright rude actually. I don't like Roxanne but there was no need to say that. She needs to look up 'professionalism' and then apply it cos it matters not that the girl doesn't do it for her!!! I predicted Donal and Colleen in the skate off - wrong!!! What do I know eh. But it should have been Colleen to go cos she isn't very good compared to the others, and I don't really buy all the self deprication from her either. Ray is just awesome - he is an arrogant little sod I think, but boy can he skate. I can't stop smiling when I watch him, but my Emma hates him, with a passion!!!.

    Ohh I hope your parcel arrives soon - we have that prob living out in the sticks (we're bloody yokels us lol xx. I am dead jealous cos I would have loved to be on the same team as ya xxxx

    Ohh did I miss your announcement re what colour your new couch was btw? I'm such a dippy trout I cannot remember seeing it. Have fun with your M&S stuff - woohoo, how posh will your pad be xxxxxx

  5. Good Morning Kath!!!
    I luved the skating last night too,Ray is soo exciting to watch & was very shocked at Jessica being in the skate-off!
    Hope your goodies arrive soon :o)x

  6. Hi Kath sorry ive not commented for a while ive not been very well anyway im back to normal now well sort of lol and ive just been catching up on your blog oh Kath you always manage to make me smile lol. Im a big fan of Dancing on Ice too and Dan the man is my Favorite too that bottom wow wee lol so glad they were kept in last night i must admit roxy's routine last night was much better.Just wanted to say a big big Congratultions on making Claire Curds DT very much deserved Kath so well done cant wait to see your creations now. I hope your parcels come today.
    Paula xxxx

  7. Hiya Kath!!

    Well I luvs Ray - if he doesn't win it'll be a travesty!!
    Oooh yummy goodies to play with - cn't wait to see!!!


  8. Oh I am sooo glad you got your parcel Kath!!!
    Looks `yummie` ..
    Have a fun Day:)~X~

  9. Hehehe!! You and your stash! Can't wait to see what you create and I do like Clares stuff so what ever you make will be very fab!

  10. So glad your goodies arrived! Can't wait to see what you do with them. :)


  11. Hi Kathy thank you for your kind comment on my blog and have fun with your new goodies from Clare can't wait to see what design you come up with.

  12. you're halarious! i can just picture you running out to catch mailman ~ too funny! scrumptious stamps ~ can't wait to see your creations