Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

How the memories come flooding back....I was doing a bit of blog hopping last night or trying to...but that's another tale  and of course..I always have to visit my bloggy bud.....Dawny P for a little giggle before I go to bed and she never disappoints....well anyway to get on with the story....she mentioned that as a young slip of a girl...her heart throb was Donny Osmond and she wondered who we dreamt about......well now you have to remember that I am slightly older and my first love was horses.....so the guy that was pinned up all over my bedroom wall was Ty Hardin...who I hear you ask....well he starred in a Western series called Bronco Lane and boy was he EYE CANDY and that was long before I knew what EYE CANDY was......

BUT...and why does there always have to be a but.....I decided to Google him and shock horror...couldn't believe he has been married 8 times and has a football team of kids....well just as well he and I never got together.......and this is what he looks like now....ye gods....old and wrinkly....well I suppose 8 wives would be enough to age any man.
Join in the fun and tell everyone who your heart throb was.
Will be back soon with my challenge card for "The Pink Elephant".....Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Mine was David Cassidy But I also had a fondness for the older man and just adored Jimmy Stewart and Bing Crosby. They had that certain je ne sais pas. Still enjoy watching their films and when Bing sings...my heart melts

  2. Time can be so cruel Kath - except to me and you of course lol xxx He was a looker in his day, I'll grant you that!! 8 wives???? Whasssup with him do ya reckon? You had a lucky escape me thinks :)) Now the one man who got better with age was Howard Keel. Something about him, and if I was ever looking for a sugar daddy, he could well be on my top 3 (I know he has gone to the great rodeo in the sky now). Damned attractive. Oh what a beautiful morning ....... xxx

  3. I used to love Robert Horton who was in 'Wagon Train' with Ward Bond and he's 84 now!!!! But I must admit I too had a soft spot for Ty Hardin and he doesn't look too bad for an old fella who's seen off 7 wives so far.
    Ali xx

  4. Hi Kath, As a contemporary I do remember the odd drool over Ty, but my all time favorites are James Garner and the late great Charlton Heston. Still get a tingle in my toes when I watch some of their old movies.


  5. Well, must say you had very good taste, and probably still do have. I think Ty has aged quite well, coming from a 40 something gal ... now don't get it wrong, I don't like sugar daddy's. My heart throb, eye candy, dream man was Barry Gib of the Bee Gees, got goose bumps looking at music vidoes of him. Hugs from Desire

  6. Oh, I can see the possibility here, Mr. Hardin was quite good looking! My heart throb was Elvis Presley. They played one of his movies every Saturday on our local television station when I was a little girl. I just loved him!

    When I hit my teenage years...It was Rick Springfield! I even got to see him in a concert for my 13th birthday!