Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Many Hats Can a Girl Wear

How many hats can a girl wear....well the mind boggles...the list is never ending

and that's the problem.....the last one is the one that always seems to come at the bottom of the list of priorities and this week was no is always a bit manic here....should add TIME JUGGLER to the list....but this week was bordering on hysteria.....things may be looking up......the DECORATING is almost finished....just a few of those little touchy up jobs to do....the carpets are being laid on Thursday and if there is a God....good old M&S will be delivering sofas this week .....SO that will be a few jobs knocked off the list and I will be back wearing the old CRAFTY HAT again....well that's the theory...let's see if I can put it into practice.
Have just finished my first commission for "Simply Cards & Papercraft" so keep an eye out at a newsagents near you.....I tell you the making of the cards was the easy bit......the list of materials required and the instructions to make the blighters took me longer.
Consider this folks.....when MAKE-OVER CHEZ KATH is done and you think I will have more time on my hands for entering lots of fabby challenges.....what ya bet the answer will be NO....strange but true....the more time you have....the less you do.
But there are certain non-crafty days that I do loooovvvveee......and that is when my two special fellas come to call.....and on St Valentine's Day too.......and as there are no cards to share are some delish pic of MY BOYS.........

hasn't quite perfected the smile for the camera
but aren't they adorable
the furry boy is all ready for a nap and
just look at the colour of Oliver's cheek.....toothypegs on their way me thinks
Back tomorrow with hopefully something crafty.....catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. phew!! worn out reading your list of job titles!! You are a very lucky lady having 3 such handsome chappies to play with on Valentine's day. Look forward to the mag coming out too!

  2. Love the photos, they look so happy. Can't wait to see your project in the magazine. Have a good day.

  3. You sound sooo busy!!!
    Luv the piccies of your 3 luvly fellas!!! :o)x

  4. busy busy busy!!
    be good when this decorating is all done!
    What handsome boys! All three!
    Cant wait to see what you have done for the mag.
    love tina x

  5. how cute are the boys - all 3 of them lol
    Oliver just has the cheekiest face ever :)

  6. Such lovely, happy piccies of your grogeous fellas - they've made me smile :-)

  7. Aw Kath..These are the most gorgeous piccies of the boy`s....
    Look at wee Oliver that smile is absolute `gorgeous` just wanna kiss em all even Budster!!!lol.....bless...
    Look forward to seeing your cards My lovely friend...:)~X~

  8. gorgeous pics of the boys! they look like they're having fun :o) hope the finishing touches of the decorating go ok and you're back to crafting soon


    Amanda xx

  9. Hi ya Kath, oh wow aren't they just the cutiest and a little visit on Valentines day - wonderful !! Hope all goes well next week hun and you get your sofa and the decorating finished so you can put our Crafty Hat back on - looking forward to it.
    Have a great day
    Tracie :)xx

  10. Ahh. So cute and a great photo, you know Kath you should do more scrapbooking, haveing said that so should I. As for the list of hat don't forget the most important ones in no particular order Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
    We are decorating our spare bedroom at the moment, well Brian I am mainly Supervising and clearing up.

    Glad you had a lovely day with your family.

    Hugs Carol x

  11. You're Blessed with handsome "Boys"!
    BTW welcome to my busy world!

  12. Gorgeous pictures Kath, your adorable grandsons & of course the lovely Buddy! Give them all a big hug from me :)
    Looking forward to seeing your stuff in the fab!

    Carol x

  13. Hi kath ,
    love the pics of the kids, anyway ... i errrr like love your cards as you know and urmmm well when i become alittle bit more like famous i would er like to become a card designer like yourself ... anyway errrrr Kath i would just like to say that i have been given an award and i would like to pass it urmmmmm onto you ... if ya dont mind ... anyway its on my blog - well maddys blog actually (giggle )

    oh btw , errrr you didnt happen to send me a valentines card did you? ...
    calvin mouse
    mouse superstar and papercrafter .xx

  14. Hi ya hun, hope you've had a good day. Just wanted to pop over and let you know there's a little something for you on my blog
    Have a great week
    Big Hugs
    Tracie :)xx

  15. Hi ya hun, hope you've had a good day. Just wanted to pop over and let you know there's a little something for you on my blog.
    Have a great week
    Big Hugs
    Tracie :)xx

  16. Sounds like you could do with a rest Kath! What Gorgeous boys you have, my little boy always seems to pull a funny face when I tell him to smile for the camera! He's started to say cheese every time I get it out now though! bless.

  17. You're not having an easy time of it missus. It's nae fun bein' a woman! Just as well we're great at multi-taxing or the world would be a sad state of affairs, we have to think of everything!! Hopefully, you'll be able to de-stress very very soon and life will return to normal. Your boys are so cute, bet you had great fun with them, they look full of mischief! Lainy xx

  18. Oh honey what fab pics... love how they're all up on the sofa facing the window... think Buddy may have been wanting the sofa all to himself tho by the look of those tired eyes...


    Lorraine xxx

  19. God Kath - Where does the time go and I'm not working and don't know how I ever did!!! Tee Hee!!
    Look at those cutey pies - red cheeks and smiles and bless Buddy lined up with them - how cute is THAT!!!

    Have a wee award for you!!


  20. Ohh these lil fellas are all just so adorable Kath - all gorgeous, and I am including the Bud in amongst them as well - of course!!!. Tell me about the hats - I am in the same boat apart from the dog walker and super dooper poopoo scooper lol xxx But I am wearing nurse hat as well today cos Emma and Kyla are both unwell. Hope you are well and there will be a pm on its way later for a natter and a catch up. Luvya xxxxx