Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snow..snow and more snow

Wow have we got snow....but hey it's winter and I am absolutely fed up of the "SEVERE WEATHER" warnings on the news....this is what winters should be and then perhaps we would get a decent summer.
It has been blowing a blizzard here since Friday night and this is what we woke up to this morning.....

And the chances of getting the car out of the driveway...well let's say we have more chance of winning the old it was shank's pony this morning for our morning walk...and it was hard going through the deep snow but this is what I love about winter.......the beauty of nature.

"The Budster" in scavenge mode...he's obviously found something interesting to eat...even the deep snow doesn't deter this canine hoover from sussing out anything to munch on.
I am a little jealous of all the folks who will be heading to the ski slopes this weekend and if not for this blasted decorating malarkey.....I might have been tempted to join them for some slipping and sliding fun.
And a BIG TOOT....we have a new challenge blog in town ...... "The Pink Elephant" and meet Ella their mascot
and they have the most fabulous Design Team....including my lovely talented Funky Hand Team Mate Carol.... well that means we are going to be in for some fabulous inspiration and it all kicks off pop on over and say hello and join in their very first challenge.
Catch up with you all tomorrow with hopefully a challenge card or two......Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. now that's why I call snow!expecting some later on today but the forecast has been wrong all week here, so you never know!at least Buddy is having fun

  2. Wow so much snow! I wish we had that over here in the Netherlands.


  3. That looks so pretty!! Great for snowballing, snowmen and snow angels!!

  4. WOW Kath..looks like your having what we had though the week,we've still got snow here,in place's,and ive heard we should be having more tonight going in to monday.i got fed up of hearing it the news as well..making such a drama of it,like you said"its bloody winter"and now our local council's are running out of gritt.
    but ive got my fingers crossed for more snow the white stuff.
    hope your keeeping warm..and lovely pic of watch in the Rugby later? Wales v Scotland?
    have a lovely sunday hugs clarex

  5. I'm loving this snow, Graham has been making some great snow men in the garden. I agree about the decent winter/decent summer theory. The evening news has turned into a comedy show for me lol
    especially was tickled by the Dartmoor is looking like the Alps comment the other day on BBC News

  6. What a gorgeous scene! Wish we had some here! The sun is shining here which is great but it's freezing cold. No doubt we'll get some snow during the week when you can't enjoy it. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  7. No kidding about the snow honey... those woodland pics are stunning & would make fab scrapbooks or christmas cards....

    Hope you're all staying safe & warm...

    Lorraine xxx

  8. I do love the snow, but , and I will sound like my mother here, we don't get winter like we did when I was younger!!
    not much snow here in Moray.
    Budster looks like he is haven a fab time!
    love tina x

  9. oh wow so much snow Kath and I agree this is what winter should be.
    Your pics are fabulous.
    thanks for the link to the new challenge blog too, I'll go check it out

  10. Ahh Kath love your photos - what a gorgeous looks so clean and crisp, bet you had lots of fun walking in it. :) :)

    Take care


  11. Hiya Kath
    God! I can't believe how much snow you have, we have hardly a thing! It's cold and a bit icy though. Just back from a long walk myself and my ears are sore!!! Grr Always happens in the cold!
    Love how you just see the splash of the Budster's coat in the photo.
    Well have some cleaning to do - Yuk can't be bothered but it won't do istself so......


  12. That looks like alot of snow! It's been a while since we have had that much. So far this winter, we've gotten just enough to be ugly and annoying!

  13. omg hun, olur snow has almost gone - yours is amazing!!!!! Thanks for the info about the new challenge - off for a peep

  14. Hello,
    I did find your blog when I was on a friends blog, so...
    Makes me so happy to see you and your sweet dog so happy and crafty....
    Toasty feet? Have to learn my doggie how to do this...
    What a piles of snow you have over there! Just LOVELY! I know that it also can be a burden, but boy, oh boy.....
    How we want some good snow overhere to play!
    Like your work!
    Have a good week ahead,
    Bye, bye,

  15. Love the photo's Kath, i would love to have joined you in the woods today instead of entertaining the MIL!!
    Thanks for the toot for TPE, was a bit of a shock to see it early.... after all my visitors had left and i finally got onto the lappy!!
    Hope you can join in?
    carol x

  16. It looks beautiful! We had that amount last week...and still have quite a bit left!! It started snowing earlier but has stopped again now.
    It's been great walking about and talking to people instead of dashing everywhere in the car! :)
    Enjoy, but go careful xx

  17. Lovely pictures and I can just breathe in the fresh snow! Enjoy every minute of winter...Buddy sure is!

  18. OMG Kath that's what I call SNOW!!! Blimey it looks beautiful but I don't envy you having to plod through that honey... mind you the budster looks like he's enjoying
    I remember staying in Scotland for New Year a few years back and the snow was so bad I couldn't move the car for 3 days... a good excuse to drink more than my usual half pint eh :D
    Chris xx


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