Wednesday, February 4, 2009's SNOWING !

Good Morning Folks and am I full of the joys of's been snowing overnight and we North East of Scotland folkies can now hold our heads up proudly...we have joined the rest of you snowy buds...have been a little bit miffed that you all had snow and we didn't.   I love SNOW and so does "The Budster"....I just know that this morning's walk is going to be a throwing snowballs and a hooligan dog trying to catch them.

It is now snowing heavily and the sky is the looks of it's on for the day. Wrapping up nice and toasty and off we go...probably a slipping and a sliding...but great FUN.
Back later with a challenge and yes my paintbrush is a-calling again......Hugs Kath xxxx


  1. Brilliant that you have now joined the ranks Kath!
    kim x

  2. You make the snow sound soo fun. But you can't fool me cause I live in sunny sunny california.

  3. wow..its great to hear you've had snow as well..if you do go out..becarefull hun.
    we only had heavey snow here in yesterday..and just heard on the radio..more coming in fingers crossed.
    sending warm hugs clarex

  4. So very pleased for you, love your pictures. We have plenty in the south west of England! I hate the stuff, lots of roads closed and many people yesterday couldnt get to work. Enjoy your snowballing!

  5. Great snowy pictures Kath....I love the white stuff! :-)
    We had loads lying on Monday then it rained, melting most of it & now we have BIG icy lumps lying everywhere.
    Hope you & Buddy enjoy your snowy walk!
    TC - Mar x

  6. Welcome to Snowland!! We're due a whole load more here again today and at the moment it's really icy outside. All I can say is thank goodness I bought myself some snow chains for my shoes. They're definitely my best buy this winter apart from my Tim Holtz goodies :)
    Ali xx

  7. Great pictures Kath, we don't get any here in Millport :( Hope you and the budster enjoy.

  8. Beautiful pics! I enjoy the snow when I visit Minnesota, but I am always so happy to return to sunny & warm Arizona!

  9. Good God Kath - Have I woken up on a different planet - no snow, only rain and not so cold either!!!
    What's going on.....???

    Mystified in PHD

  10. oh Kath those photos are fab - I love the tree in the middle. We only had snow for a few hours, it then turned to rain and all disappeared!
    Hope you're staying warm...xx


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