Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Image Swap Blog

Hi Folks...have you heard the news....there is a new blog in town.... the lovely Emma has started a blog where you can swap stamped images....brilliant idea and is currently looking for 25 posties to join the HERE  for more details.

and another award
this time from my lovely bloggy bud Chris
one multi talented and very kind lady....but I fear
that she came out of the same mould as
DawnyP and other words
completely NUTTY with a great sense of humour...just my kinda gal
and you know.....if you're NUTS and you know's half the battle
it's when you don't've got a big problem.
Proud to have you as a member of the NUTTY CLUB..... Chris!!
Back later with my last challenge card for "The Crafty Pad" and hey I've just realised it's the 1st day of February.....see what I mean.....mad as a hatter but cute with it......I wish!!    Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. great idea will go your blogxxx

  2. ROFL... thanks for the fab welcome to the NUTTY CLUB... I am honoured and bow to you my NUTTY friend :D
    Thank you... tee hee
    Chris xx

  3. There's nowt wrong with nuts is there Kath xxx I mean, 20 thousand (not sure of the exact number, but loads) squirrels cannot be wrong can they lol xxx Just orf to have a look at your creations .... xxx