Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Morning Folks
Yes I know it is Sneaky Peek Thursday and apologies for being so late but I have been entertaining 3 hunky carpet fitters this lucky am I...yes the decorating is finished and carpet is laid...just waiting for sofas now...a week today...where am I going to sit in the meantime.....

poor Buddy is a little bit confused...his favourite sofa is now in the kitchen until the new sofas arrive...a bit of a squeeze but very comfy sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee and his nibs snoring right next to me on his sofa.
On to the sneaky peeks...
Am not entirely happy with the second one so it may end up in the bin...don't be surprised if my tag for tomorrow's challenge looks entirely different...well off to get some crafty stuff done...catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. wish you would stop binning things that do not deserve to be binned lady!- there that's you told.... liking the sneeky peeks and the first one the colour combo is great and the flowers look fabby- can't wait to see the whole thing
    Glad you had some time out today to ogle the carpet fitters- the fittest hunkiest one you could send down to me!!!!
    Give Buddy a hug for me- I know my two don't like decorating and changes so I know how he is feeling

  2. Morning darling... so glad that Chez Kath is due to return to normal soon... carpet looks fab but oh poor Buddy... you are a cruel mamma at times... at least he has some sunshine coming in to help him rest on the floor... and hey family kitchens... well you just can't beat 'em...

    Sneeky peeks look lovely too & hope you have a lovely crafting day...

    Lorraine xxx

  3. Oooh love the colours of the first one and the second one looks lovely as well. Can't wait to see the rest of them. I keep meaning to join in with this challenge then I chicken out lol xxx

  4. Your sneak peeks are great - can't wait to see them. Your room is all shiney and new and I am sure the first time you sit in it, you will love/forget all the hard work you have been doing. Enjoy it! debb

  5. Sneaky Peeks look great! the colours look fab, i can't wait to see the projects :)
    Your room is looking lovely so far....hope the Sofa's come soon....just been out this evening and bought new bedding for my newly decorated boudoir!! Andy has the decorating bug at the mo, and can't seem to stop....reckons he's starting on the small bedroom next so that Danielle can stay over sometimes :)

    carol x

  6. Young Lady!
    I do hope you don't mean 'entertaining' in the 'biblical' sense!
    I keep meaning to ask...what colour were the new couches?
    Gayle x

  7. Your painting job looks fantastic and I can just imagine you entertaining three carpet hunks with the budster keeping the 3-some jealously at bay. Can't wait to see the room all furnished and kitted out. Hugs from Desire