Wednesday, September 30, 2015

All Hands On Deck...

Hi's been all hands on deck to get the last minute bits and bobs finished off ready to hand the Fiskars Workshop Kits over to Mr Hermes for their journey south...
 While I de-clogged and refilled the glue bottles and re-inked the Distress Ink Pads...
 the Furry member of the crew checked everything into the box...
Lots of you have been asking about the canvas that I use for workshops. I buy it in a huge roll from a trade supplier...not cost effective if you just want small quantities so I had a root around in the cubbyhole and found a Canvas pad that I bought last year from Amazon...this is not thin canvas effect paper but the real deal...10 sheets of 12" x 9" 290gsm Coated Textured Artist Quality Canvas very similiar to what I buy on a roll but much more affordable...
The last day of September...can you believe it and with a brand new tag from Mr Holtz due tomorrow...I should be playing catch up with the crafty stuff...will I be having a "Spooky Halloween" day in the cubbyhole...
or enjoying an Indian Summer day in the garden...
And when it comes to the weather it would appear that you can't please all of the people all of the time...especially the woman we met on our lunchtime stroll yesterday...I commented on the lovely sunny day to which she replied "but it's a bit chilly if you're out of the sun"...for goodness sake...some folks always have to see the negative in everything...why can't these miserable "cup half empty" moaning minnies just enjoy the're a long time dead as my old Mum used to say.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Perhaps you will be able to enjoy a bit of & sunshine.
    We've been enjoying some lovely sunny days down south and I don't mind it being a bit cooler because it has stayed dry.
    Have a lovely day.
    Toni xx

  2. Thanks for the tip off on the canvas pad Kath, will have a quick butchers the spooky stuff too, looking really for the weather, September has been one of the best months this year for goodness's dry, warm and sunny, heaven knows we deserve it, and the up side is it's not so hot I can't breathe....enjoy it I say..xx

  3. Oh Kath I so agree re the weather. I love this time of the year especially when you get this lovely sunshine, sun and a little chill is lovely, much better than it being too hot. Your doggie walks must be glorious at the moment, enjoy x

  4. Enjoy the lovely sunshine! Winter lasts long enough in Aberdeen, so make the most of it while you can.
    I work with one of those people that is constantly negative about *everything*. And it's so exhausting to deal with. SMILE! I for one will be taking a lovely stroll later if our weather is as nice as yours, and I'll enjoy every second of it. x

  5. It's such a joy to see some sunshine and blue skies after the "summer" we've had... I don't mind what temperature it is!

    Looks like you're a busy busy bee again.
    Alison xx

  6. Buddy you are such a helpful boy. Enjoy your lovely sunshine.

  7. Oh some people don't realise how lucky we are having such gorgeous weather and it's going to last l'm lead to believe until the weekend even in the shade it's better than what we have had in the last few months your toast looks inviting with all that lovely butter on it yummy!! sounds like you have been pretty busy too is it time for a rest or more gorgeous creating you create take care x


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