Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Embracing Imperfection...

Morning folks...just a few bits and pieces to finish and The NEC kits will be done and dusted...a bit of a tedious repetitive task but hey every job has it's "why am I doing this" moments. It seems so long since I made something just for the fun of it and like most crafters...I find myself going through phases of not being happy with anything I create...beating myself up when things don't go according to plan...caught up in the striving for perfection mindset until common sense kicks in and the "embrace imperfection" ethos of my hero Tim Holtz gets me back on track.
So I'm sharing my "throw caution to the wind/get rid of all your inhibitions/the best fun you can have with your clothes on" Palette Art project...
I gessoed...spritzed...dabbed and spritzed again...die cut...fiddled and faffed...drybrushed and stencilled
a great way to use up all the little bits and pieces you've been hoarding...

and at the end of it all...I looked like The Yeti and the cubbyhole resembled a war zone but... 
am I happy...YES
is it perfect...NO
does it matter...NOT A JOT
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. WOW Kath, I love, love, love this...looks perfect to me!

    Jennifer. x

  2. A lovely piece Kath.It's great to sometimes just create for no other reason than fun....I am sure this has got your mojo racing again x

  3. FABULOUS Kath !! I struggle with getting the balance right which you get perfect !! Love it !!

    hugs Diane xx

  4. I like that Kath - isn't it lovely when you do something just for fun!!

  5. I am so in love with this Kath, it's right up my street, just fabulous and if you enjoyed doing it, then so worthwhile....x

  6. And then there are those people whose imperfections are perfect... Stunning piece Kath, I adore every bit of it! x

  7. This is fabulous - perfect or not; I love it. The colours look wonderful and the texture of the piece is super.
    Glad the kitting is almost out of the way.
    Toni xx

  8. Hi Kath,
    I have to say that every time I attempt a craft project I end up in embracing imperfection lol. If my work was as 'imperfect' as yours I'd be over the moon...I love it!! I have to say I'm a little bit jealous as I see you have used a honeycomb die amongst the other glorious...stuff!! I have been looking for such a die for an age now and haven't managed to find one within my budget.
    Bejay x

  9. Wonderful creation, sometimes you just have to create for fun. Hugs to Buddy.

  10. Morning Kath. If I could make some thing half as good as this I would be well chuffed!! Absoluteley stunning.Enjoy you day. Hugs. Jan. xx

  11. I love your point of view!!! There are days I need to remind myself that it just doesn't matter, not a jot. I usually check out your blog while having my morning cup of coffee. I am so glad you didn't quit blogging. Celia

  12. Looks like perfection to me Kath!! Love everything about it & the fact you had fun doing it just adds to it!! Love to your handsome assistant Buddy.....hugs Ann xxx

  13. lol..........your so cool with your words Kath you make me smile even at my saddest time..... this is just stunning l love everything about it so well done and the colours are gorgeous too! take care x

  14. It looks pretty perfect to me Kath, it is stunning!! xxx


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