Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Professor Hocus Pocus...

Hi folks...crikey I know what you're thinking...back so soon but I just wanted to thank you all for your very kind and supportive comments...I assure you I'm not being put out to pasture just yet...once I've recharged the old batteries I'll be back firing on all cylinders the meantime I've had a fun play session in the cubbyhole with Professor Hocus Pocus. I'm not really into the whole Halloween thing but hey how could I resist the gorgeous Regions Beyond Paper Stash Pad from the most important Professor of all and of course I had to have all the Halloween goodies that go with it and now that I've joined the ranks of part-time crafters...there was plenty of time to indulge my Bird Crazy passion.
So let me introduce you to Professor Hocus Pocus and his Magic Potions Book containing vials of poisonous concoctions or could it be the Elixir Of Youth...he's not telling...

to create the aperture for the vials...I stuck multiple sheets of book paper together and used the brand new Fiskars Tag Thick Materials Punch which does exactly what it says on the tin...powers it's way through thick materials...all those materials that punches normally turn their noses up at...chipboard/many layers of paper/400gsm cardstock/acetate/shrink plastic/self adhesive foam/cork/hessian/milk cartons and aluminium cans...
to be launched in the UK this month along with lots of other useful shapes in three different sizes which I'll be using at the Fiskars Workshop at The NEC in November and they will be available to purchase from the Fiskars/Colemans Stand H02 at the show.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I was so glad to see your post just now. Kath, I always checked your blog each night as My little Franklin,maltese,would come back to bed . it was something i looked forward to each night,"listening to what you had to share" ,seeing your beautiful cards,and getting to hear what your beautiful Buddy was up to. i love your sense of humor and so many of your Scottish ways of expressing yourself. i'm not much of a card maker,but love to see what so many talented ladies create. I used to make frequent trips to Archiver's and take card making classes when they were in business here in Houston. Anyway, it's wonderful that you still will be posting and we will continue to hear what sweet Buddy is up to. I hope you know can do things on your own time table and not have to meet deadlines.
    The new Fiskars punch looks great if it can cut through heavier material. guess it will eventually be carried here in the US. Blessing to you and take care of yourself. Judy Hayes

  2. What a fabulous note book Kath - love the cut-out for the bottles.
    Toni xx

  3. Thanks for coming back so soon Kath! I'd been missing you & even if I'd not commented in a while it was still reading your blog. Life was just getting in the way a bit!
    Love the Prof Hocus Pocus, in fact I love all those daft birds :-)

    Hugs to Buddy


  4. I do some extra shifts at work, and come back to find changes afoot! I absolutely understand your need to step back and make more time for yourself, and for simply having fun with it all. Having said that, yours are some of the posts I most look forward to every day (and Buddy's, of course!), so I won't pretend to not be a little sad at least.
    However, if taking time out means you'll be producing works like this Halloween stunner, then by all means, please do!
    I ordered that paper pad yesterday, and looking at this makes me wish I'd ordered the rest of the Halloween stash too. Unfortunately though, I also really needed the last 3 Distress ink pads, so was out of monies by the time the paper had been added. Story of a crafter's life, I know! x

  5. I read your blog daily and often wondered how you kept all the balls in the air!nice to see your blog today as I love Halloween,but alas just spent my pennies on cricut carts:(,hopefully the money tree will sprout soon.Thanks for making me smile through your blog.

  6. I know it has been a while since I posted a comment but I am a frequent pinner of your work. You just gotta love those crazy birds. I am just gathering up goodies to start on Halloween projects and the birds will be around. The professor is so very fun. Will keep watching for your posts. thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Not a big fan of things Halloween to be honest but that is just brilliant, Kath. I'll try to adjust to reading less from you as you sure deserve a rest now and then, such creativity must be time consuming ;-) Dee x

  8. I LOVE this, simply fabulous and I have to have that punch.....x

  9. How fantastic! I just love how the circle motif reappears - in papers, in burlap, in labels, in the metal token - so clever and so cool. And the Professor looks Marvellous!
    Alison xx


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