Saturday, September 5, 2015

Seriously...who am I kidding...

Hi folks...I've been recharging the old batteries on a fabulous "get away from it all" jolly with the folks who keep me sane...the one and only Friday Girls Gang but it's time to get back to work...seriously who am I kidding...spending 2 days in the company of all the lovely folks who've come along to the Winter Retreat at The Papeterie can hardly be described as work.  The weather is feeling a bit wintry so I hope the girls who are used to more temperate climes have brought plenty of Winter "Retreat" Woolies with them...
Santa's Sleigh is all packed up with the crafting kits and the reindeer are chomping at the bit...I'm so excited and looking forward to lots of crafting fun...laughter and yummy grub. I will be sharing some of the projects we make with you next week...until then I hope your weekend is going to be just as enjoyable as mine.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Have a wonderful time Kath.
    The sleigh looks super.
    Toni xx

  2. Have the sleigh Kath it's magical xx

  3. Fabulous project, love it. Have a fun weekend

  4. Wonderful creation Kath, just love it..enjoy your week-end.xx

  5. Love the sleigh have a good weekend xxx

  6. Hi Kath,
    What a beautiful sleigh! I just wish I lived closer to you so that I could join in the fun at the retreat but Cornwall is just a tad too distant for me to be able to afford the trip. I'm looking forward to the pics next week of the projects. Have fun. x

  7. Your group must have adored making this gorgeous creation. And speaking of adored.... what a lovely comment you got from the great man on Facebook Kath!!! Quite right too, you are one of his greatest Ambassadors, especially here in the UK! Hugs, Anne xx


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