Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tennis and Technology...

Hi the time you've struggled out from under your duvet...I'll be on my way to Glasgow to cheer on Team GB at the Davis Cup Semi Finals and having watched the last 2 day's play on TV...I'm super duper excited...
sitting comfortably with a coffee...letting Scotrail do the driving...watching the landscape whizz by and thanks to the on board to keep in touch with the outside world...check what you're all up to on Facebook and if I understood what Twitter was all about...would now be reassured that Stephen Fry was alive and well and enjoying his morning cuppa.
Back in the day...I used to look forward to a 3 hour train journey...passing the time in conversation with my fellow travellers...NOW that technology rules our every waking moment...the chances are I'll be sitting within earshot of a mobile phone moron...intent on telling everyone on their speed dial list where they are...what they're doing or where they're going and always in a booming voice so that everyone is involved in the conversation whether we like it or no chance of a snooze then.  It's going to be a long day...I won't get home until after 11pm and shock horror...this Downtown Abbey addict is going to miss the first episode of the last series...I'm in shock...can't believe it but thank goodness for I Player because I don't have a clue how the tape thingy works.
Have a fun Sunday whatever you've got planned
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Have a super day Kath.
    Don't get me started on mobile phone idiots (I use the train daily to commute). Why would any idiot think it was okay to have a loud conversation with their Bank/Credit card provider in public - normally involving the exchange of account numbers & other details.
    Sit back and enjoy the fact that someone else is doing the 'driving'.
    Toni xx

  2. Enjoy your day Kath, have fun........Can't wait for Downton, do hope it all ends well....and are they still doing a Christmas special.....the drama...hehe..xx

  3. Sounds like your day Kath is going to be full of lots of fun so enjoy l'm looking forward to Downton too so hopefully you will get to view it later just hope it's not spoilt for you as it will be pretty well talked about it being the 1st of the last series take care xx

  4. Hi Kath,
    How cool being able to get to watch the tennis live. I do hope that the team does well...I'm sure they will with you cheering them along. Before I moved down to Cornwall to be closer to my sister (she's now moving to Lincolnshire would you believe...was it something I said?) I used to travel from Eastleigh in Hampshire down to Newquay for two weeks in summer and a week at Christmas. After a few 6+ hour trips of pure hell listening to everyone on their cell phones, I discovered the 'quiet' carriage...bliss, perfect bliss. My dog loves travel by train, she just curls up and goes to sleep, however, a ten minute bus ride into town has her panting with anxiety...go figure!! xx


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