Sunday, September 14, 2008

A dark and very sad day

Well yesterday dawned like any other at Chez Kath...and I had so much to share with you.....6.00am....let Buddy outside for his piddle, kettle on and settle down at the computer for an hour or so, catching up with e-mails and a bit of blog hopping and of course, my daily fix of humour from Kirsty Wiseman.....was my world turned upside down to learn of the tragic death of one of Kirsty's Studio Calico forum buddies.....killed while driving to work on Friday morning by a driver who ran a red light.   Aleida......a fun and feisty lady who embraced life with both hands, an adoring wife and mom to two gorgeous young children and an adored friend and forum buddy to many.
My emotions went into turmoil and I don't know why...I never knew this lovely lady...had never visited her blog....well was I missing out.....hubby can't understand why I was so upset by the death of someone I never knew.   Perhaps having loved and lost I can identify with that gut wrenching moment that changes your life for ever, the pain..the hurt and the anger and the feeling that your heart is so sore that it's going to break in two.
Two particularly poignant posts on her blog left me sobbing uncontrollably.....this one from last Friday and the other highlighting her fear of driving on the roads.  So many lives shattered in a moment and the young driver,  female aged 22 will have to live with the consequences of her inattention and thoughtlessness for the rest of her heart goes out to both families.
Well my mojo and enthusiasm for crafting went out the window and I spent the day moping around and visiting the forum to read all the lovely tributes left by Aleida's many friends and their reminisences of their fun times together. 
I think it has helped me to share this with you.....silly old chicken hearted Momma that I am.....seems to be an age thing.....can dissolve into tears at the slightest thing these days.
So all you wonderful bloggy buddies out there, take care while safe.....I don't want to lose any of you.  Off now to try and get some work done....thanks for listening to this silly old moo.
Love Kath xxxxxxx


Anice said...

You are such a kind hearted lady. Never see feeling for other people as a weakness of old age. It's wonderful thing. My hugs to you, hope your mood lightens as the day progresses.

carolann said...

I am so sorry to read this to be taken before time is so cruel and unfair thinking of you and the family hun xxxx

CraftyLyra said...

Tragedy touches all of us. That's what makes it tragedy, I think. Do not feel that you are silly and thank you for sharing.


Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Bless you, Kath. I saw Kirsty's post about Aleida yesterday, and it is heart-stopping to hear about a young mother losing her life so needlessly. Not that there ever would be a need, but you know what I mean. Reading Aleida's blog yesterday for the first time, I know I would have enjoyed knowing her. We've all been robbed.

It's a feeling akin to the feelings I had when I was watching the towers come down. So many people robbed of their futures, and the world of their potential.

So sad.

Chris xx

Desire Fourie said...

This is very sad news. Thanks for telling all your cyber buddies about this tragic event. We all feel for Aleida and her family. May they find comfort in the embrace and strength of our Lord.

Jozza said...

Ah Kath....I saw that on Kirsty's blog too and I also hadn't been on Aleida's blog before. I visited and also had a little weep. So very sad.

Hugs hun x

Dawny P said...

It was just tragic Kath. And I also visited another blog which left me in floods, this time a dear lady who not only lost her precious baby girl 2 years ago, but then a few days before the anniversary, her godson died aged 15 months. It just broke my heart. Then this. Oh this world we life in is so cruel at times and it just puts things into perspective. I think you do get more emotional the older you get. I have always cried where kids are concerned - school plays and races, they all had me reaching for my tissues. But now, I find I get the sniffles over anything. But I am glad, cos it proves to me that I care, so I sort of embrace it I suppose. I hope you are ok and feeling a bit more up xxxx

Penny said...

That's such very , very sad news . My heart goes out to her family and especially the children :(

Dawn said...

Oh this is terrible Kath such a young life gone.
It touches us all when we hear terrible news like this even though we did not know her.
Life IS precious and Kath you are not a silly old moo but a lovely thoughful moo!
Take care

Chris said...

I felt the same way as yourself when I popped over to Kirstys blog Kath... I didn't know Aleida either but my heart stopped for a moment when I read the post. I too filled up with tears at the thought of someone so young being stolen from her family, it is so sad that her young children will miss out on the love of such an obviouly vibrant fun loving Mum and my heart aches for them. I think times like this waken us up to our own mortality and maybe that is why we get so upset too, because we can imagine how we would feel losing our own loved ones.
You're a kind, selfless lady and sooo not chicken hearted as you put it, but thanks for sharing your feelings with us hun. You put it so well.
Chris xx

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