Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Power of a cheery Hello

Following on from my post this morning....and talking about some of the misery guts out there.
For about the last year most week-day mornings Buddy and I pass a business suity type guy with the most miserable face on the planet taking a shortcut to work through the woodland path...and me being me....I talk to anyone's Morning....lovely day or Morning....bit chilly today and not a reply.  Even Buds has given up his tail wagging and just saunters past now sniffing every blade of grass.   Can't be all bad he is doing his little bit for the environment and walking instead of driving.   Well I am not a giver-upper, so every day I smile my cheery smile just in case and this morning lo and behold...he replied...OK it was barely audible and I think it was "MORNING" and hey it's a start.  Well did I have a spring in my step for the rest of our walk and who knows....from little acorns this time next may be little sentences and in five years time we could be on first name terms.
Mr Postman has just been and there are 3 from Fiskars....the anticipation....could it be
"the Threading Water Punch".....oh the from cutting mats for my Cricut and the third....I can hardly contain first kit from My Creative Scrapbook...don't mean to be rude but bye to oogle all my goodies.
Love Kath xxxxxxx
P.S.  It's not the Threading Water's Christmas Stamps for the Stamp Press and a bumper pack of Christmas Eyelets.....oh the disappointment.


Christine (All She Crafts) said...

(shock, horror) Are you sure you'd want to take that much risk, Kath? I mean, there's a 0.111111 % chance he could be an axe murderer!! ;o) hehe

Good for you, mrs! I agree, and it's all down to good old-fashioned good manners again, isn't it? Like a lot of things in life.

Chris xx

Lindsay Spencer said...

Well, that puts a smile in my heart today. I do the same things Kath. Feels really good when you finally get a response. It's like they finally realize that you sincerely mean it, and you care. Imagine the change you could make in someones life by just getting them to realize that someone cares about them.

Paula's ponderings said...

I did an "exercise" once walking down the road smiling and saying hello to everyone...the younger people said hi back and the older people either nodded, smiled back or glared...but I would say I got a positive reaction from about 80%! It wasnt my road either...not even my town...there is hope!!

Oh yes and Id be gutted if I only got stamps and a bumper back of eyelets!! :)

Dawny P said...

Well if it's any consolation Kath, our postie brought me a bigfatbill today!!!! I'm saying it quick so it doesn't hurt as much!!!! And glad your walkie-no-talkie man finally responded. There's hope yet!!! WhenI used to walk my English Setter, I used to get stopped quite often by people admiring him - well he was a handsome boy, if a bit mad at times. And I always used to think how many people with dogs passed the time of day with you. It's nice I think. Walkers are generally the same. Perhaps it's being out in the fresh air??? Hope you are having the nicest of nice days apart from your elusive punch xxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehe!! Reminds me of Ria and that bloke from Butterfly! Yep, I'm just about old enough to remember it!!

Lucky you and your parcels - I just got junk mail today...

Marlene said...

Hi Kath,
What an uplifting story :)
can't wait what tomorrows greeting will be :D

Enjoy your goodies.. they sound yummie!!

Hugs, Marlene x