Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do you love your THICKERS?

Now before I get lots of comments and e-mails...I am not being rude and referring to your winter underwear...I am talking about American Crafts "THICKERS"....and for anybody out there that is still in the dark they are dimensional alphabets, numbers and shapes in Foam, Metallic, Glittery and plain chipboard ...in various colours....White, Pink, Green, Brown Black....oh the list goes on and I do love my THICKERS.   I have had a few e-mails asking where I buy them.....well I use them a lot and they can be quite expensive for a pack....I think £2.99 is the RRP and I have seen them around for £2.50 but never as cheap as this......

£1.50 per pack.......12 packs of foam alphabets and numbers...double sided sheets... so loads and loads to play with from QVC...Item No 587055...£15.15 + £2.95 P&P...Total £18.10.    Now I am not the biggest fan of the shopping channels mainly because they charge  P&P for each item you buy.... but I am a fan when they have an hour of American Crafts usually presented by Rosemary Merry and the prices are just silly.... this wasn't "a get rid of stock offer"..they sell for this price all the time and I believe they are still in stock on their website.  They have an American Crafts show scheduled for 6pm on 30th September and guess who will be glued to the telly......with phone in hand because they usually have great ribbon offers too.
An extra  little bit of info.....for all the folk out there that love scrummy yummy papers....it is rumoured that the TSV on that day is a bumper kit from Cosmo Cricket and it's going to be choc a bloc with delicious goodies.....apparently it was featured on QVC..US a little while ago and sold out in hours.......so if you're a fan that is definitely one date to mark on your calendar.
Well it's time for our morning walk and my big lump of Golden Retriever deliciousness doesn't like going out in the rain and it's chucking it down....so it will be a shortened version of the real thing......he doesn't like walking in the rain but yet will dive like a maniac into the dirtiest muddy water he can find on a forest walk.....can't understand the logic there.....then home for coffee and some toasty delights and back to work......the Chrissy card samples are almost done and then I may get time to have play with some challenges.     Love Kath xxxxxx


Chris said...

Well I have never used thickers Kath but that certainly seems like a bargain... and they are gorgeous!!
Hope you enjoy your morning walk :)
Chris xx

Dawny P said...

I just got me some of these on Saturday to go into the scrap book I am doing for Kyla. They're fabulous. I think I paid £2.99 from Hobbycraft for 1 so that is a bargainous deal. I havent used them yet but I so will. Hope you and Buddy boy enjoyed your rain dash!! Not raining here - yet - but give it time lol xxx

Anice said...

Stop tempting me Kath with your direct links to stash I NEED!
Anice xx

Tip Top said...

I was still in the dark about these - thanks for showing me the light hehehehe!! I may just have to watch now!!

SewSuzySew said...

I must be honest Kath.........I have never heard of them but they do sound good and the QVC offer sounds Brill!

I will have to look out for that show as I don't rate Dawn Bibby anymore........It might just be me but unfortunately she never seems to have anything different!

I get more inspiration and info on trends from our lovely Blog Community!

It's not raining here but I know what you mean about our Bundles of Joy! Shona just pokes her head out of the door if its raining, it doesn't matter how desperate she is!

Hugs Suze x

Carol D said...

I bought something like that on sunday from hobbycraft paid £2.99.
will have to get over to to QVC and order some. I know what you mean about the postage but sometimes the bargains make up for the P&P.I think thats how they make thre money. I have bought lots of stuff from QVC. the Anna Griffin which I made for Kazan's sketch this week as a TSV which I bought last year last year.Try out there website. Hope you didn't get to wet this morning, it's not raining here just a bit dull. Our Dalmation Ben loves walks gets 3-4 a day whatever the weather.

Love Carolxxxx

Jozza said...

I do like them - never had any though! I think I should save my pennies for the TSV though if it is the cosmo cricket one as if it is the same as the US one a while ago we are in for such a treat!!! I had a look on the US site and emailed QVC UK to badger them to get it over here (as did lots of people I think). Perhaps they have listened to their customers!! Is it craft day on the 30th then Kath? Not watched QVC in months.

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Ooh, Kath! If I hadn't just spent some dosh on new clothes, I'd have been straight over there! Have to be disciplined now, though.. at least until I can sell the MR2.

Chris xx

Dawn said...

The weather is horrible just now and it's getting colder too!
Hope you and Buddy didn't get too wet!


Enfys said...

I love thickers too, especially the fuzzy ones. Well done on getting the Chrissy card samples under your belt. x

Ali said...

Thanks for the tip off! I love Rosemary's show on QVC. Dawn is getting too much the same and the kits are too like shop bought cards now. But I love Rosemary's stuff so will be watching on 30th. Went to Rosemary's shop in the summer holidays aladin's cave for scrapbookers, she was very nice too. Off to QVC for some of those 'thickers'
Best wishes

Carol D said...

Hi Kath, Just to let you know I bought the thickies from QVC yesterday, thanks for that. must watch out for the cosmo cricket, think this may be it, which i found on the USA QVC website it will be interesting to see what it retails here for, must remember to watch that, it looks great

Love Carolxx