Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Silly Old Moo

What a silly old moo I my last post I said that the clocks change this weekend...well they
I have just received an e-mail from the lovely Terri to tell me it's next month..26th October apparently......OOPS! and here was me thinking that I would get an extra hour in bed......shucks!
Thanks for that Terri....think of the havoc I could have caused....all my bloggy buddies sleeping in and all because of me. Love Kath xxxxxxxx


Kim Piggott said...

oh no I have just had an augument with hubby saying it must be true because Kath said so. I will have to go and eat humble pie now.
kim x

Chris said...

ROFL... I for one am glad we have another month of almost daylight... but could do with the extra hours sleep :)

Tip Top said...

Heheheh!! Ah well, we can all wish for an extra hour here and there as it would come in very handy!