Monday, September 22, 2008

A Smiley Award

What better way to start a Monday morning....with an award from 2 lovely and talented ladies......Dawn and Kim never fails to amaze me the lovely kind and thoughtful people that you meet whilst blog hopping and chances are I will probably never meet  most of them in the flesh... Kim lives too far away but Dawn is only about 40 miles further north so we must put that to rights Dawn and meet up some time for a good old chinwag.   Thank you so much girls for thinking of me for this award.

Now in the time honoured fashion.....I am supposed to pass this on to other bloggy folk who make me smile....the ones I would have nominated Chris and Dawny P.... whose humour has me hooting with laughter.. have already received this award from I am passing it on to one very special lady, my bestest crafty buddy  Lorraine who made me smile big time this week when she called to tell me that her tumour is almost certainly benign...a small operation to remove it and she will be back to crafty deliciousness once more.... Great news....the best news in the world.
I so enjoy visiting all of your blogs and  please don't make me type out and link a list as long as my to all my bloggy buddies out there....please accept this award with all my love because each and every one of you is special to me and you make me smile with your enthusiasm and passion for papercrafting...Here's power to the scissors girls.
Well off to do a bit of scissor work and it's all today.
Love  Kath xxxxxx


Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Aww, thank you, Kath! You make me giggle out loud, too. Can't wait to meet you in the flesh! :o)

Chris xx

Dawny P said...

Chris has pinched my lines Kath cos I was going to say that lol xx I love coming over to Chez Kath - cos your beautiful blog cheers me up no end. Wish I lived a bit closer cos it would be fabulous to meet up. But you never know, one day .......!!!! Just off to have a nosey at your other card now. See you in a sec xxxx