Friday, September 26, 2008

The New Face

Well folks I am almost at the end of my Road Testing of the anti-wrinkle cream and........HAS IT WORKED? I hear you ask......I think that there is a little bit of a I don't know and apparently we will not be told which one is the real McCoy....but I think that the left hand side is ever so slightly less wrinkled than before..... you have to remember that I have been cultivating these little beauties for nigh on 60 it's gonna take a little longer than 4 weeks to kiss them completely goodbye but I am confident that if I keep using the left hand side cream (and I have absolutely tons of this stuff only need a little and we got 2 big pots) all over my face for the next 60 might just do the trick.   To be perfectly honest....WHO CARES.....I have been looking at this old physog of mine in the mirror for absolutely yonks and have kinda gotten used to it....wrinkles included and hey I think wrinkles are a sign that you've lived life to the full...because they do say smiling and laughing cause them....well if that's the case I have sure done my fair share of that and would rather be happy and wrinkly than a miserable old cow with a face as smooth as a babe's bum.......NOW I HOPE YOU AIN'T SMILING OR LAUGHING.

A little ode I found on my blogging buddy Dawn's blog...sums up my atitude to life........

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive well preserved body but rather skid in sideways
CHOCOLATE in one in the other
body thoroughly used up totally worn out
WOO HOO!!!! - WHAT A RIDE...............

Off to hopefully do lot's of work today after my 2 days of playing with boys toys and watching Fireman Sam.....gee whizz I am finding myself singing the song......"When you hear that fire alarm...Fireman Sam is cool and calm" and can't get it outta my head.
See you all tomorrow on Penny Black Saturday and a little sneeky peek of my card for next week's challenge which is........well you will just have to wait and see.

Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you are doing......and remember if you don't want to end up a wrinkly like me.....NO LAUGHING.... Love...Kath xxxxxx


Desire Fourie said...

Totally agree, why not use what you've got, while it lasts .... the heck with the rest.

Carol D said...

Good Morning Kath, better start putting some of that cream on the other side now or you will start to look lopesided.

know what you mean about kid's tv, although Grace loves mickey mouse clubhouse and My friends tigger and pooh, those songs just get in your head, No crafting for for me tomorrow either babysitting again. although truth betold I love every minute of it.

Have a good day.
Love and hugs
Carol xx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!!! But you are £70 richer!

Can't wait to see the PB Challenge as I've not done one for a while!

Allison said...

oh dear I have just put four new wrinkles on my face with all the laughing I just did

Dawny P said...

Well I must have been hysterical though my life cos I have gazillions of lines. I say they dont bother me but one whiff of anti-wrinkle in a product and out comes the trowel. So evidently they do. I have to say I would rather see a face that has a bit of life etched on it than a taut lizard looking one like these celebs have. You cant tell if they are laughing or crying cos the only thing that moves is their gob!!!! Can't wait to see your card tomorrow xxxx

Dawn said...

Kath you are a Hoot!!!
Laugh and the world laughs with you I say!! Wrinkle, Schminkle!!!
I loved that sentiment as soon as I saw it!!
Do you know I haven't heard that word Physog in YEARS made me have a wee titter it did!!!


Jozza said...

Ah wrinkles are great. Don't fight em I say! Life is too short!!

That ode is fab!