Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Winner.......

Gee it's all about winning today.....yes we have a winner for the One World...One Heart Giveaway and its....

if you e-mail me your address
I will get your parcel of goodies off in the post
Can you believe that 911 folk participated in this wonderful give-away and I had entries from all over the world ...Australia...USA...Japan....Germany and I pick a winner from West Lothian in Scotland and a scrapper into the bargain.

 Well I am well and truly exhausted after all that excitement....but need to go and get some work done today....I am working on my first commission for SC& exciting is that.....but a little scary at the same time.....what if sales of the mag bomb because nobody likes me cards.
More snow last night and to be honest the novelty has worn off now...ventured out in the car this morning....a bit of a nightmare getting out of the street but the main roads are fine...and then it started snowing again...drove all the way there and back in a blinding blizzard.....was never so glad to get home.....but I'm all snug and cosy now in the cubbyhole and this is the view out of the window..
And a big Toot for the girls at the Papeterie.....Jean & Sally.....this is where I buy my cardstock and fussy old mare that I am....will only have Diamond White 300gsm....but shock horror....none on the Sally took off in search.....through to the stockroom....NO....down to the basement and after a good rummage around I am now well and truly stocked up with 2 boxes......thanks girls.   Catch up with you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Aw Wow Kath - I'm REALLY chuffed! :-)
    All those entries & I've won....WOOHOO!
    Thank you SO much....Will e-mail you my details & will look forward to receiving my goodies :-)
    Tc - Mar x

  2. I love that shop!! they are so helpful!
    take care when you are out and about.
    am staying in at home today. too slippy!
    love tina x

  3. yay well done to Mar - she's been winning loads lately, will need to run down and rub my lottery ticket against her methinks.

    dinna you worry about sales of SC&P, I'll certainly be buying it - in fact am seriously thinking of biting the bullet and taking out a sub. your cards are always fantastic and I can't wait to see oor local celebrity in a real life magazine

  4. hiya Kath - well my OWOH is winging it's way off to the U S of A!!!! when I get to the PO that is!!!


  5. Karen has just e-mailed me...she can't leave a having computer problems but this is what she said
    "Hiya Mrs

    Can't believe I won, again can't get posting onto your blog .... must have something to do with my computer settings or something. Would you be a star and post this for me please, just a thank you for all your buddies to read.

    "Oh my word ................... I WON YE HA!!!!!!! (doing a wee irish gig in my seat LOL). I am DEFINATELY doing the lottery this weekend and if I win, oh boy will there be a big splash out on all the stamps that I love but just can't afford :-(
    Can't wait to catch up at the SECC just unfortunate that I can't stay overnight, no wee drinky poos for me ...
    Thanks again Kath for pulling my name out of the hat, Mum and Kelsey have already decided what they are taking out of the candy :-)


    See you real soon


  6. Sales bomb??? Are you kiddin' me missus... we will all be queueing up to get the first copies
    As for not liking your cards... hey there's absolutely nadda chance of that... AT ALL you will be a credit to the mag missus :D
    Love all of your snowy scenes but I know what you mean about driving in it...not nice :(
    Glad you got home safely and can look at the snow in comfort :D
    Chris xx


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