Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Birthday Boys

Morning folks.....sorry I didn't get back yesterday with the birthday pics....just got caught up in the cubbyhole with the samples for Funky Hand.....all wrapped up in my little crafty world....and where did the time go....I don't know.
I took loads and loads of birthday pics but I have chosen just three to share.....WHY.....well I don't want to bore you all with the "Proud Grandma" syndrome and these just happen to be my absolute favourites...I'm not a fan of posed the ones that tell a little story......

We've all had a yummy lunch and over coffee...the boys are having a little
man to man chat..... serious stuff....couldn't persuade Oliver to turn round for the camera.....
and this is my favourite....
Oliver has just started to say words and he is chatting away to his Grandad
what do you bet before too long...he will be a chatterbox....just like
his big brother......who is 4 going on 40......
and I love this one in sepia.....
I think Oliver is thinking that now Granda is over the hill
he won't have the puff to blow out his birthday cake candles and check out
the fancy napkins (kitchen roll) in fact....I tell you we are "tres posh"
at Chez expense spared
I have even managed to sneak in a couple of challenge cards yesterday but haven't got pics will be back later to share.....toodle...oo...for now.....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S. To answer Debbi's was the Garden Centre at Inverurie....up by the railway station....gorgeous lunch and Desire's comment made me chuckle....certainly won't be passing it on to hubby.....gee I would never hear the end of it.


  1. this is the beautiful gallery! and the cake was surely excellent...:)

  2. As you say, these pics really speak a thousand words. I must say your other half is a real young 60. Hugs from Desire

  3. Fab piccis Kath looks lik a fab day out. Have a super day.

  4. love the pics, they certainly tell a story. where did you go for lunch - it looks tres posh!
    we must be posh too, we have the same napkins lol

  5. Wonderful! I love seeing grands they are the best part of our day when we visit with them.

  6. Oh these pictures are beautiful Kath..they are just screaming out to be scrapped! We have the same napkins as yours in our house as well..goodness we are all posh!!
    Anice xx

  7. How lovely to see all your men folk sharing special moments together.

    Lorraine xxx

  8. Such beautiful photo`s ...
    How lovely to see the boys together...
    That cake looks the `Best`...
    `Priceless` my friend:)♥

  9. Bless those boys. They are gorgeous!